Who Is Caito Potato & What Happened To Her? Weight Gain & Disease

Popular YouTuber Caito Potato has had some weight gain due to her disease. She talked about her sickness on her Youtube channel to her followers.

Internet sensation and YouTube vlogger Caitlin Davidson, sometimes known online as Caito Potatoe, is from New Zealand. She is most renowned for her entertaining and wacky rants on various subjects.

She is the Southern Hemisphere’s “Eyebrow Queen” and makes makeup tutorials. What the HECK? This is another of her most well-known catchphrases, in addition to “Are my eyebrows to blame?!”

She uploads rants to amuse her fans. She also performs incredible comic and educational pieces. She also provides comedic routines and beauty tips.

Who Is Caito Potato & What Happened To Her?

Caito Potato no longer produces videos. A video from the YouTuber hasn’t been uploaded in a while. In addition, her medical background makes others terrified of her.

Caito disclosed that she had kidney disease in 2018. She revealed her issues in a video. She has tried every medication possible for her failing kidneys, but nothing seems to be helping.

She must take a break from vlogging due to the history of her disease. Therefore, she hasn’t posted any vids recently. Additionally, her admirers from all over the world believe that she is ill.

She continued by saying that despite her best efforts, she had not successfully treated her nephrotic condition. Many of her supporters sobbed as they watched her battle the illness.

Caito Potato Weight Gain Related To Her Disease

Caito Potato has recently put on some weight, and her fans have understood that the change in her body is due to her disease, as she revealed about her illness in the past.

Caito asserted that she initially fell ill when she was three years old. However, there have been no recent health updates, which suggests that YouTube is still dealing with her condition.

She let her companions know how she was doing. Her backers have expressed concern about her health and asked for updates. Unfortunately, she had to cease vlogging due to her disease’ history, but she has openly discussed it.

Nephrotic syndrome is a medical disorder that impairs the kidneys’ ability to function normally for several causes. The YouTuber talked about her illness and how it affected her life in a 2018 video titled “Sad Health Update.”

Caito Potato Age: How Old Is She?

Caito Potato reached the age of 25 as of 2022, as she was born on July 16, 1997. She found such immense fame at a young age.

She takes great pride in the fact that she was born in New Zealand. The beauty of the young girl’s own country never fails to fascinate her audience. She currently has more than 540k subscribers to her YouTube account.

Her mother and sister have appeared in many of her Youtube videos. If you are curious about them, you can easily find them in one of her videos, as she loves to make videos with them.

She earns money via advertising partnerships in addition to her YouTube channel. Many brands benefit from the fact that she has a marketable social media profile.

Does Caito Potato Have A Boyfriend?

Despite a lot of concern about Caito Potato’s boyfriend by her fans, she has not disclosed any information regarding her romantic life to the public.

We assume the YouTuber is currently single because there isn’t enough information to make a different assumption. She doesn’t mention any people in her vlogs with whom she might be dating.

Additionally, her internet behaviors seem to support her single status. She is a fan of the musician, hence the reason for her Instagram bio, “Post Malone’s wifey.”