Who Is Briana Armbruster On Tiktok? Ski Mask Girl Finally Reveals Her Name & Face

Briana Armbruster is the popular hidden identity and a massive web star on TikTok. Find more about her real identity.

Following a sudden disclosure of her identity to her public during one of her streams when her dog pulled off her face, she has come up pretty public and open regarding her true identity.

The lady who wore a ski mask and hid her pretty real face from the world has now been admiring her true self and revealed her face to the general public recently in a viral face-reveal stunt.

Brianna has been acting as an accomplice in the TikTok journey of TooTurntTony, a heavily built guy and content uploader of the TikTok platform.

But fans believe that she had his impulse from within to reveal her true face and identity to her fans and sway away from the mask, indeed she did so.

Who Is Briana Armbruster On Tiktok?

Briana Armbruster is the real face behind the famous Ski-mask girl on TikTok who features alongside TooTurntTony.

She uploads video contents of her posing in her ski mask and its variants and posts about her daily life and activities in short clips.

TooTurnt Tony is similarly famous on the platform for his health and fitness-related posts and his muscular exercises.

Briana Armbruster goes by the TikTok name of ‘theskimaskgirl’ and she has 2.6 million followers in her profile.

Her profile has a lot of posts and has gathered over 33.6 million likes.

She follows 419 people or accounts through her official TikTok handle.

Learn About Ski Mask Girl’s Face Reveal

Ski Mask girl revealed her face in recent TikTok streams and she also made a short video of dating life in mask and mask-dating pros.

Her face was accidentally revealed after her dear dog stole away her mask in her TikTok stream.

She was open about her identity and its disclosure to her fans as she saliently let the matter and event flow.

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Briana Armbruster’s Real Age & Instagram Details

Briana Armbruster is believed to be in her early 20s but exact details on her age are missing.

She is active on Instagram through her real account called ‘theskimaskgirl’.

Her account has 229k followers and about 67 posts about her photoshoots and modeling career.

She follows 318 people through this handle.