Who Is Bec Cvilikas From The Bachelorette Australia? Everything To Know About Her

The Bachelorette Australia contestant Bec Cvilikas is 26 years old as of 2021. Let us find more about her. 

Bec is a former contestant of the Australian reality dating show The Bachelorette. Furthermore, she ended securing 5th position in the 8th Season of the series, which had aired in 2020.

She is a social media influencer and also works as a beauty consultant. Recently she made headlines after revealing the real reason for her separation from her best friend, Bella Varelis.

Who Is Bec Cvilikas From The Bachelorette Australia? Her Age And Bio

Bec Cvilikas is aged 26 years old as she was born in January 1995.

Talking of her physique, she has an appropriate height of around 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm and weighs 59 kg. Similarly, she has naturally blonde hair with brown eyes.

Bec gained massive popularity after her appearance on The Bachelorette Australia Season 8. She was seen as one of the formidable contestants of that season. And she made it into the Top 5 as well.

Before entering the show, she was known for her profession as a senior beauty consultant. And currently, she utilizes her social media accounts to promote different clothing brands and beauty products online. Mossman, VRG GRL, and Neuw Denim are some of the brands she has supported.

On the show, Bec Cvilikas was shown having a great connection with Locky Gilbert. Sadly, they couldn’t work it out.

Bec Cvilikas Parents- Her Family Details

Bec Cvilikas’s mother, Jody, gave a surprise to the audience with her random appearance on The Bachelorette Australia. 

She instantly became a fan favorite after she admitted that she had stalked Locky and also said she liked what she had seen. In addition, her scene of flirting with Locky was viral on the Internet.

Moving on, There are no details on Bec’s father. We are currently unknown of his name and whereabouts.

Does Bec Cvilikas Have An Instagram Account?

Yes, Bec Cvilikas has a personal Instagram account where she is often active. We can find her verified profile under the username @becvilikas.

Talking of her profile stats, she currently has 34.1k followers with 356 posts. Also, she has followed 892 people. She has even enlisted her business Gmail in her Instagram bio.

As said earlier, Bec uses her Instagram account as one of her sources of income. Because of her fame and popularity, many clothing brands from Australia have offered her to promote their products.