Who Is Bandman Kevo Wife Dyme Kevo And Is She On Instagram? His Affair Rumor With Kayla Nicole

Meet Bandman Kevo’s wife/ baby momma Dyme Kevo on Instagram as we take a closer look at the ongoing controversy between them.

Bandman Kevo is a popular musical artist with millions of followers.

With more than 25 songs released in his name, Kevo is a well-known personality among the fans who are familiar with the content.

Many people also follow him regularly and are well updated with what goes on in his life.

Recently, his partner accused him of throwing her and the kids out of his home which created a massive discussion.

In response to the claims, the artist replied that he doesn’t want her in his house but the often does different tricks to get back.

Kevo even said that he pays her thousands of dollars regularly but she still accused him of being homeless.

Who Is Bandman Kevo Wife Dyme Kevo? What Is Going On Between Them?

Dyme Kevo is Bandman Kevo’s baby momma who recently accused the artist of throwing her and the kids out of the house.

They are not yet married so they are not husband and wife.

But the pair has children together.

After the accusation, Bandman said that Dyme was making false accusations.

He said that he doesn’t want her in his house but he pays her regularly, thousands of dollars.

The artist also revealed that he almost pays her daily and despite that, the woman comes to him with different tricks to stay with him.

Is Dyme Kevo On Instagram?

Dyme’e official Instagram account has not been found yet.

Actually, there are various fake accounts on her name so it is pretty difficult to identify the real one.

There is a possibility that the woman is not fond of the photo-sharing media platform and thus stays far from it.

Regardless of the speculation, her actual account has not been identified yet.

Is Bandman Kevo Having An Affair With Nicole Jones?

Bandman Kevo does seem to have an affair with Nicole Jones as he recently revealed about having a sexual relationship with her.

In his recent video regarding the ongoing matter, he said about having an intimate relationship with Nicole.

However, he also highlighted that all the scenarios were planned by his baby momma and Nicole herself.

The rapper claimed that Nicole said Dyme to accuse him of the ongoing situation.

As things are, there is a lot of confusion regarding the actual happening among the people.