Who Is Andre Bing? Virginia Walmart Shooter

Andre Bing has been named as the individual who started shooting at a Virginia Walmart on Tuesday night, killing six individuals and harming more.

Police reports say that Andre Bing was a group chief for the short-term shift and had worked at Walmart for over decade.

Fifty Walmart workers were in the lounge when Andre Bing opened the entryway and began shooting. He killed six individuals and hurt four others prior to directing the firearm back toward himself.

A few collaborators of the Walmart manager who is remembered to have shot and killed individuals in a store in Chesapeake, Virginia, said that the shooter had done weird and terrifying things before.

As per interviews with individuals who worked with the thought shooter, Andre Bing, who was a night shift group pioneer, could be impolite to his colleagues and had neurotic thoughts regarding the public authority.

Donya Prioleau, who was in the lounge when Bing strolled in and began shooting, said, “He said a great deal of upsetting things.”

She said, “We don’t have any idea what compelled him do this.” “Not a solitary one of us can sort out what turned out badly.”

She said that Bing had come in and shot three of her companions before she took off. A big part of us didn’t really accept that it was genuine until a few of us saw the blood on the floor.”

Prioleau expressed that previously, Bing would at times patronize them. He didn’t have any idea how to converse with individuals well. A large number of us thought he was mean.

Shaundrayia Reese, who worked for Bing from 2015 to 2018, said that he was an individual who got things done all alone.

“He generally said that the public authority was watching out for him. He could have done without virtual entertainment, so he covered his telephone camera with dark tape. “Everybody thought something wasn’t quite right about him constantly,” Reese said.

Reese says she took a video of a man she calls Bing conversing with individuals in 2016. When Bing acknowledges he is being recorded, he leaves.

Reese said, “He could have done without being taped.” “He generally stressed that the public authority was focusing.”

Joshua Johnson, who functioned as an upkeep specialist at the store until 2019 and told CNN that Bing had conveyed unnerving intimidations assuming he at any point lost his employment, likewise said that Bing had said that he would kill him assuming he lost his employment.

Johnson said, “That’s what he said assuming he at any point lost his employment, he would settle the score, and individuals would recollect what his identity was.”

They said that neither Johnson nor Reese enlightened administration regarding anything amiss with Bing.

Johnson said that Bing disliked a portion of the support laborers and would take steps to review them in the event that they didn’t do what he said.

Chesapeake Police Boss Mark Solesky said that not a great explanation has been found at this point for why the shooting occurred.

Walmart said in an explanation that Bing was a representative and that the organization was “grateful to the neighborhood people on call and will keep on working with nearby policing their examination proceeds.”