Who Is Amanda Seales Boyfriend Vonnie? Their Dating History And Timeline

Amanda Seales is best known for her role as Tiffany DuBois in the HBO comedy series “Insecure.”

Known for representing the Black community in the field, she is lauded for her comedy show,Smart Funny & Black,” which focuses on Black culture, history, and experience.

The outspoken comedian actress is also known for her stand-up comedy special “I Be Knowin” on HBO in 2019. Seales’ most works are in the comedy industry as a Black woman.

She is proud of her identity and works based on that. Hence, her loyal fandom hopes to be closer to her life behind the cameras and crowd.

Who Is Amanda Seales Boyfriend Vonnie?

Amanda Seales has always been in love with her boyfriend, Vonnie. Vonnie, too, is quite popular among his girlfriend’s fans and in public discussions.

Moreover, he often appears on Amanda’s Instagram posts, where they are seen attending events together. It seems Vonnie is close with the Seales family and pets as well.

Vonnie is Amanda’s college friend at SUNY-Purchase. In her May 18, 2021, Instagram Live video, the actress revealed that she was introduced to Vonnie by her roommate during their freshman year.

Since then, she sought the handsome guy who played on the college’s basketball team as a purchase student. 

The “Insecure” comedic actress is devoted to her boyfriend and is open about her relationship; hence, her fandom and work circle are well-aware of her love life with Vonnie.

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Insecure Actress Amanda Seales and Vonnie Dating History And Timeline

Amanda Seales and Vonnie’s dating life did not start until 2020. To be precise, the two dated in the past during their time together at SUNY-Purchase. However, Vonnie had to transfer to Fisk University as he was a purchase student in the former.

Although they were official lovers at first, this couple had to bid each other goodbye amicably and lead their own lives.

However, they remained friends, and Seales texted first in 2020 after five years of not staying in contact. Since then, things have been going well for the couple who reconciled.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports that Amanda’s name had been linked to Kerry Brothers, a music producer. The music producer is known for working with Alicia Keys and Keyshia Cole.

The Insecure actress had also further revealed on “The Breakfast Club” in 2019 that she was seeing someone ‘hilarious’ though she did not tell the name.

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Are Amanda Seales And Vonnie Still Together? 

Amanda Seales and Vonnie are still together and are in love more than ever. Although not much bit Amanda often gives a sneak peek into the two’s dating life when they are seen at the beach and tending to their furry friends.

Vonnie has not made any media interaction, but he is thoughtful of his time with Amanda, citing her busy schedule.

The two make the best of their quality time together after being free from their work. As the supportive lover that he is, Vonnie often attends Amanda’s shows and events.

This couple recently became a part of the Design Care 2022 fundraised on June 20. Hence, Amanda and Vonnie are happy as ever but have not decided on a wedding date yet.