Who Is Alindra Person? Terence Crawford Wife 

We can’t tell if Alindra Person is his wife or not because they haven’t disclosed their marital status.

However, because they have been in a relationship for so long, others assume they have already married and begun their relationship.

Similarly, their age gap is only four years, as Terence Crawford is 34 years old and his girlfriend is 30 years old.

Terence Crawford was born in 1987 AD, and he celebrates his birthday every year on September 28th with his friends and family.

Alindra Person Age: How Old Is She? 

Alindra Person’s age is estimated to be between 25 and 35 years old based on her features.

There is no accurate information about the person’s age or birthday. As a result, we can only guess her age based on our facts.

Crawford, her partner, is 34 years old, and she appears to be in a similar age range, probably a bit younger than the boxer.

Alindra Person Family And Kids

Alindra Person was born to her mother, Michele Person, and an unknown father.

Her father’s identity has not been revealed despite posting a few photos of her parents on Instagram. The family is from Omaha, and the father was born and raised there.

Alindra Person and her long-term lover, Terence Crawford, have six children.

Three of her six children are Terence Crawford Jr., T. Bud Crawford, and Tyrese Crawford. Similarly, the remaining three are Miya Crawford, Lay Lay Crawford, and Trinity Michele Crawford, her daughters.

Both Alindra and boxer Terence can be seen posting images of their children on various social media sites regularly.

Alindra Person Net Worth Explored

The exact estimated net worth of Alindra Person is under review.

On the other hand, her husband, Terence Crawford, is a professional boxer from the United States with an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Terence has won many WBO belts in various weight classes during his career.

He has fought as a lightweight, welterweight, and light-welterweight.