Who Is Alessio Trentini? Everything To Know About The Italian Speed Skater- Meet On Instagram

Alessio Trentini is a speed skating athlete competing in the ongoing Olympics in Bejing, China.

The speed skater Alessio Trentini is representing his home country Italy in the 2022 Winter Olympics and, it’s his first time in the Olympics. He is looking forward to the Olympics and is trying to give his best in the competition.

Alessio’s ambition was to get qualified to be in the Olympics and, he shared his happiness after being qualified for Olympics through one of his posts on Instagram.

Who Is Skater Alessio Trentini? Wikipedia

Alessio Trentini is a speed skater participating in the speed skating competition in the Winter Olympics. The skater is yet to have his own Wikipedia page.

Alessio started to speed skating at age eight and, he skated for the first time on a small frozen lake. He just skated for fun on the lake but, his interest in the sports increased and remained with him till this date.

Alessio debuted in the World Cup in 2018 in Erfurt and, he is in the Velocisti Ghiaccio Pergine club. He participated in the Junor World Ice Skating Championships twice and participated in six competitions during the event.

Similarly, the skater participated in the European Speed Skating Championships held on January 9, 2022, and secured 14th position with a time of 1:47.28. He is aiming for a medal in the Olympics and preparing himself to face the competition.

Alessio Trentini Age And Height Explored

Alessio Trentini is 27 years and, he has a height of about 5 ft 10 inches. He was born on July 19, 1994, in Trento, Italy.

Alessio studied at the University of Trento and has a degree in Cognitive Sciences & Psychology and, he has a nickname as Ale.

The speed skater besides, speed skating has a hobby for Cycling and has shared pictures of him cycling on his social media.

Alessio Trentini Parents And Girlfriend Details

Alessio Trentini has not shared many details about his parents on social media. He seems to be married to his girlfriend Eliska Drimalova as she is mentioned as his partner in his short bio on the Olympics page.

Eliska Drimalova is also a speed skater like Alessio and, they seem to practice speed skating with each other. Alessio shared a picture of him with Eliska during speed skating in his Instagram feed.

When he was selected for the Olympics he thanked his love, Eliska, and, his parents for their support and for being there for him.

Meet Alessio Trentini On Instagram

Alessio Trentini is present in social media handlings like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

Alessio is active on Instagram as @ale.trentini and has 2.3k followers. He has 259 posts on his Instagram account and, he is following 426 accounts on Instagram.

Trentini seems to share his life events and speed skating in his Instagram feed.