Who Is Ade Ilham TikTok? Viral Skandal, Fotos Biodata & Instagram

Who Is Ade Ilham TikTok? Ade Ilham is an Indonesian TikTok star who had millions of likes and views.

Famous for his cute videos with Oshi Maoshi Alsamy, the two were loved by the internet for their romantic relationship.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Ade uploaded a scandalous picture with his fiancée on Instagram story. This led to a viral wave and the controversy was one of the most searched in Indonesia.

The viral video and pictures are being shared by many users online. Ade Ilham scandal link will not be shared by us in order to respect the privacy of him and his fiancée Oshi.

About The Viral Skandal

Ade Ilham’s viral scandal took place after he shared a picture of Oshi Maoshi Aalsamy about to perform oral sex on him.

Ade claims that the picture was uploaded by mistake.  The picture is uncensored and both of them are looking at the camera. Screenshots of the so-called scandal started being rapidly shared on Twitter which caused both of them to delete their social media accounts.

The glory of the TikTok fame they had all got tainted by this scandal.

Ade Ilham Leaked Fotos And Videos With Oshi

Besides Ade Ilham’s leaked photo, many users on Twitter are claiming that they have a scandalous video of them too.

Ade and Oshi are both content creators and huge social media stars.

The viral video is of them too and it was verified by Ade Ilhan himself.

Ade apologized to his fans but did not claim that the scandal video was not his.

Ade Ilham Biodata

At the moment, Ade Ilham’s biodata is unavailable.

Oshi and Ade follow the Islam religion. Furthermore, his fiancée studied in Jakarta. She also has an older brother.

Oshi Maoshi Alsamy and Ade Ilham got engaged on April 11, 2021.

Ade Ilham Instagram And TikTok

Ade Ilham is not available on Instagram and TikTok at the moment.

This is likely the result of the backlash he faced after the scandal. After the scandalous photo and video of Ade Ilham and his fiancée, Oshi Maoshi Aalsamy went viral on social media, both of them deactivated their socials.

Now, neither Oshi nor Ade can be found on any social media site. Once considered couple goals, the scandal has put an end to their career on TikTok and Instagram.

The couple used to share wholesome videos of them dancing and enjoying each other’s company on TikTok.

Ade uploaded an Instagram story in which Oshi appears to be performing fellatio on him. The picture was uncensored and his fans and the internet took notice of it. The Indonesian Twitter herd spread the picture like wildfire and now the couple is facing consequences.