Who Is Actress Alexandra Korendyuk? Roman Abramovich Rumored Wife To Be On Instagram

Actress Alexandra Korendyuk is the rumored girlfriend of sanctioned Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich. Here is more about their love life.

Alexandra Korendyuk is a well-known Russian actress of Ukrainian heritage. She hit the headlines after she was rumored to be dating Roman Abramovich.

Roman was married thrice and all the relationships ended in a divorce. His first wife was Olga Yurevna Lysova with whom he parted ways in 1990.

A year later, he married Irina Malandina, a Russian Aeroflot stewardess. They were together for 17 years but they separated after there were rumors of Roman’s affair with Dasha Zhukova.

The gossip turned true when Abramovich tied the knot with Dasha in 2008. He and Zhukova went on their own paths in 2017 but their divorce was finalized the following year.

Since then, Roman was not rumored to be with anyone until now. As per the reports, he and actress Alexandra are reportedly having a fling.

Photos: Who Is Alexandra Korendyuk? Roman Abramovich Wife/ Girlfriend

Roman Abramovich’s rumored girlfriend, Alexandra Korendyuk is a popular actress.

She looks stunning in the photos and they are available on the internet. She is also noted for her outstanding acting performances.

Roman and Alexandra are secretly dating as per an article in Daily Mail. She and her tycoon beau, Alexandra are smitten in love.

We have no clue about the former love life and affair of Ms. Korendyuk. But Abramovich was married thrice and all of it ended in a divorce.

Find Alexandra Korendyuk On Instagram

Despite being an actress, Alexandra Korendyuk is not available on Instagram.

She is also inactive on Twitter and any other virtual platforms. She loves to keep a low-key life which is why very little is known about her.

What Is Alexandra Korendyuk Age?

As of March 2022, Alexandra Korendyuk is 25 years old.

She is quite young as compared to Roman, who is aged 55 years. Her birthday details are not disclosed to the public but her rumored partner, Abramovich was born on 24 October 1966.

Korendyuk is based in Russia but many experts believe that she has Ukrainian roots.

Explored Alexandra Korendyuk Wikipedia

Popular actress, Alexandra Korendyuk does not own a Wikipedia bio page.

Korendyuk loved performing arts from a young age. As a result, she ended up in the entertainment industry and portrayed various fictional characters.

Recently, Alexandra was featured in the show, You’re All P***ing Me Off. Other than that, she has played in a Moscow-based series too but her acting credits are not disclosed.

Besides, Korendyuk is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Institute of Music Initiatives, which provides a platform for aspiring musicians.

Alexandra Korendyuk Net Worth

Alexandra Korendyuk’s net worth is in multiple millions but the precise amount is obscure.

On the contrary, Roman’s fortune is $7.2 Billion as noted by Forbes. He is the owner of Chelsea (football club), Sibneft (oil firm), and so on.

Abramovich owns several luxurious properties including the world’s second-largest yacht, Eclipse.