Who Is Abbie Emmons? Here’s What We Know About The American Author

Abbie Emmons is an American YouTuber who specializes in making content about writing.

Her videos revolve around the specifics of writing, such as plotting, character building, breaking writer’s block, and publishing. She collates all her advice on writing videos into a series called Ask Abbie. Besides videos about writing, she also makes compilations of music that have to do with a certain literary theme.

For example, as of the writing of this article, the most recent of these compilations is an hour and a half of music entitled “sneaky badass spy music for writing heists and mysteries.” The YouTuber also makes vlogs about her life and interests. The most popular videos on her channel, however, are her video essays which revolve around the specifics of building characters.

She is also an accomplished musician and singer who occasionally posts videos of her doing one or both.


What is the Name of Abbie Emmons’ Debut Novel?

Her debut novel is called 100 Days of Sunlight, published in 2019

Does Abbie Emmons Have a blog?

Yes, she has a blog where she catalogs her YouTube videos

Is Abbie Emmons Married?

Information about her personal life is not available to the public

Quick Info

25 – 31
Youtuber, Author
5 ft 5 in
Reading, Vlogging, Music
2017 – Present

Who Is Abbie Emmons?

Abbie Emmons describes herself as a YouTuber, singer/songwriter, blogger, traveler, filmmaker, and dreamer.

Not much is known about her early life as she hasn’t been as forthcoming with her personal information as most other YouTubers. However, she mentioned in an interview that English was her favorite subject in school as she loved reading.

Her love of reading came from her mother, who read her and her sister tons of books. She further stated that her love of reading inspired her to become a writer. She was struck by the ability of words and stories to transport people to another world and make them feel, which she thought was magical.

This magical aspect of writing and stories made her want to become a writer herself. She has been writing since she could hold a pencil. Eventually, reading and writing stories became more than just a hobby or passing interest and something the YouTuber wanted to pursue for the rest of her life.

To that end, Emmons dedicated her life to becoming a better reader and writer, knowing about the different aspects of writing and understanding them.

This love of storytelling eventually transferred into a love of sharing the magic of storytelling with other people, which is why she started her Youtube channel. Emmons has now become a beacon for being like her, who enjoy writing and want to know more about the craft. To that end, Emmons’ channel functions as a tutorial and motivator.

However, as she has expanded her career, her content has expanded as well, which now caters to the following topics:

  • Personal Growth
  • Productivity
  • Writing Tips
  • Blogging
  • Indie Publishing
  • The Writer’s Life

Speaking of blogging, the YouTuber has a blog that works alongside her channel to collect all of her videos, but this time, she collates them into specific categories to make it easier for people to find them.

Her blog is also a great place to have direct contact with her because there are fewer comments, so she replies to comments faster than in her YouTube videos. The blog also has a way to contact her directly through its contact page, where one can ask her questions and tips to better one’s writing and ask questions about writerly topics.

Who Is Abbie Emmons’s Husband?

It seems that Abbie Emmons is not married; however, her personal life is a mystery.

She shares very little of her personal life and the people in her inner circle on her public platform. Emmons seems to have created a persona for her YouTube and blog, which she sticks to fervently.

Still, there’s nothing malicious about this persona, but she does stick to it on all her public platforms, like playing a character.

A glance at her Instagram shows how dedicated to this persona she is. Almost every picture looks like a still of some quasi-Victorian character on a picnic. Still, her propensity for taking such pictures is not something to hold against her.

It further proves the Youtuber’s dedication to what she preaches.

What Is Abbie Emmons’ Age?

Some sources claim that Abbie Emmons was born on June 26, 1997, making her 25, while others claim that she was born on March 15, 1989, making her 31.

There’s more cause to believe the latter; however, Emmons looks like she could be 25 or 31, so it is hard to decipher her age solely from her physical characteristics.

Also, her aesthetic makes it hard to decipher her age since she has her individual aesthetic, which is ageless, or perhaps easier to say, from a different age altogether. Emmons is a mystery, which is probably good for her vocation.

What Is Abbie Emmons’ Height?

Abbie Emmons is five feet and five inches, and unlike her age, she looks her height. She is a petite woman of slim build. She has fair skin and auburn hair, which she likes to pull to the back and let flow, like characters in a Jane Austen novel.

She loves long-flowing frocks and breathy tops, especially those of lighter colors. Her love also extends to sundresses, shorts, and skirts.

She has stated that she loves the fall aesthetic, and most pictures on her Instagram showcase that. Alongside her fall aesthetic, she seems to have a love for sepia tone, which her pictures seeped in. She can be mistaken for a model as she has a glowingly pretty face that is also arresting.

How Much Is Abbie Emmons’ Net Worth?

YouTuber and author Abbie Emmons has an estimated net worth of $100,000 as of 2022.

Her income primarily comes from her Youtube channel, where she has amassed 243K subscribers as of the writing of this video.

She joined the channel on October 29, 2015, but uploaded her first video two years later on May 28, 2017, which surprisingly was a mashup ukelele cover of different songs rather than the sort of content she would later be famous for.

Since May 28, 2017, the Youtuber has released 237 videos as of the writing of this article. The most popular video on her channel has garnered 2.1 million views. She has three videos that have reached or surpassed a million views. All three of these videos have nothing to do with her usual type of videos.

The first is a video essay about strong female characters, the second is a music compilation about heroes falling in love with villains, and the last is a video essay about Pride and Prejudice.

How Does Abbie Emmons Make Money?

As stated earlier, Abbie Emmons makes her income primarily from her YouTube channel.

YouTube pays content creators from the UK, US, and Canada $2-$12 per 1000 monetized views after it takes its cut. This money comes from AdSense, which depends on how long the viewer watches a particular video.

Emmons also has 1,001 patrons on Patreon, another place where she earns her income.

Most people with a Patreon have tiers where they give different rewards for different people as incentives to join. Here are Emmons’ tiers:

  • Tier 1: $3 per month: No Distractions
    • The member gets access to her discord server.
    • The member gets access to her Extensive resource hub of printables and templates.
  • The member gets access to all Patron-only blog posts and behind-the-scenes stuff.
  • Tier 2: $7 per month: Inner Circle Facebook Group + #AskAbbie
    • The member gets exclusive access to my private Facebook group.
    • The member gets to chat with Emmons, participate in live streams and ask questions for the #AskAbbie show.
  • The member gets all the privileges of the previous tier.
  • Tier 3: $15 per month: Live Training Pass
    • The member gets access to a special hour-long live training session that delves into a specific topic, followed by a Q&A session.
    • The member gets all the privileges of the previous tiers.

Abbie Emmons’ Career Earnings

Strictly looking at her views, Abbie Emmons has made roughly $210,827 from her Youtube channel alone.

However, the above amount assumes that she was making $12 per 1000 monetized views from her total view count of 17,568,950.

The exact amount of her total career earnings from her Youtube channel can be wildly different.

She also has a Patreon account, as stated above, which has 1,001 patrons paying her monthly. Even if everyone were paying her $3 a month, which is the lowest tier, that would still mean she’s making over $3000 a month, which is amazing.

What separates Emmons from most other YouTubers when talking about her career earnings is that she is a published author. She has released two books as of the writing of this article, and they are:

  • 100 Days of Sunlight
  • Tessa and Weston: The Best Christmas Ever

100 Days of Sunlight was published in 2019, and Tessa and Weston: The Best Christmas Ever was published in 2021.

The books are fairly popular, the former being more so. 100 Days of Sunlight has garnered 4,891 ratings on Goodreads, and Tessa and Weston: The Best Christmas Ever has garnered 503.

100 Days of Sunlight is also fairly popular among book-related Youtube circles. Another indication that the two books are successful is that the former has had five editions, and the latter has had four so far.

In a nutshell, Emmons is a fairly successful YouTuber with a healthily burgeoning publishing career. As someone who has been in love with writing for as long as she can remember, her life is following the ideal path.

Here’s to her continued success.