Are Norah Yarah And Rosa On Wikipedia? Their Biography Explored 

Norah Yarah And Rosa are an amazingly talented sisters trio whose Wikipedia details are sought by their fans around the world.

However, they have not made it into the platform with their individual biography.

Although they are young in age, during recent times they started uploading dance videos on their youtube channel and it has been growing.

We can follow their YouTube channel LET IT HAPPEN to see their amazing performances and around 75 thousand people have subscribed to them yet.

For three years, they have been showing their skills in R & B as well as hip-hop music and people are preferring to see them internationally.

Meet The Parents Of Norah Yarah And Rosa

Norah Yarah And Rosa are born to two incredible people who are setting the example of extremely supportive parents.

Although there are no identifying details regarding their father and mother, they have been very motivating towards their children’s careers.

They always give credit to their dad for helping them to assign a beautiful name for their channel and for always being there for them on the tough path.

Likewise, they are always grateful to their mom for helping them with their dance steps as well as for managing them with the outfits.

What Are The Age Of Norah Yarah And Rosa?

Norah Yarah And Rosa are getting fame at a young age as Nora and Yarah are 15 years old twins whereas Rosa is currently 13 years old.

All three of them were born in the Netherlands but their exact date of birth is currently unknown and they started rocking the floor from a young age.

It has been quite difficult to find about their academic background as they have been focusing themselves on dance and are currently in Paris.

Due to their talent, they have been able to perform on several platforms worldwide with huge celebrities appreciating their skill of dance.

About Norah Yarah And Rosa Family

Norah Yarah And Rosa have been quite discreet regarding their family although they have got a supportive family.

As their dances are coming into the eye of more people, they have been getting even more motivation and their family has always been through their side.

They started growing on a bigger level after they started sharing their content through social media platforms and it has been more helpful for them.

So, we can follow them on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook under the handles @norah_yarah_rosa, @norah_yarah_rosa, and @norayarahrosa.


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