Who Are Jaelyn Crooks Parents?

Jaelyn Crooks has not disclosed any information on her parents’ identities and their whereabouts as of now.

Moreover, her parents have not issued any public statement regarding their daughter’s shameful demeanor.

Meanwhile, per our sources, Mr. and Mrs. Crooks have been notified of a letter by the school’s team regarding Jaelyn’s viral video.

Though not much can be said about the Crooks couple, it is for sure that they are regretting and ashamed of their daughter’s racist mindset.

Jaelyn Crooks Ethnicity Explored

Jaelyn Crooks hails from Caucasian ethnicity by analyzing her appearance in the viral racist video.

Meanwhile, the exact ethnical background of hers is yet to be tracked down by our reliable sources.

A native to Prior Lake, Minnesota, the young Crooks seems to have been born and raised in the area.

She has yet to publically speak on her background, now that she has become a well-known person on the internet.

However, she has deleted all of her posts on her social media, including Instagram.

Jaelyn Crooks- The Prior High School Student Racism Story Explored

Jaelyn Crooks is the notorious Prior High School student whose racism has stormed off every social media.

She has become a figure of internet hate and calling out due to her viral video.

The video came to the notice of the civil rights activist, Shaun King and he has shared the video that has captured millions of views.

He has vowed to fight against such racist injustice even if it involves teenagers and give justice to the victimized student.

The story of the video is even sadder as Jaelyn and her friend, Jayden, were blurting racial slurs constantly while prompting the African-American peer of them to commit suicide in a video.

The victim student’s sister came forward, sharing the story and asking for justice due to the intensity of emotional trauma caused by the incident.

Activist King has started to actively work on the case and update the netizens on his every recent find. 

He has even started a GoFundMe page to help the victim to get a college fund that has received nearly half of the asked $100,000.