Who Are Ishowspeed Parents? Family Of Youtuber Are Worried After He Gets Arrested And Fake Shot News

Darren Watkins Jr., better known online as IShowSpeed, has garnered over 10.35 million YouTube subscribers, thanks to his striking attitude and exaggerated reactions to video games and other diction of entertainment.

IShowSpeed has long been the subject of drama and controversy and has gained notoriety as a result. For example, the YouTuber was recently expelled from an amusement park owing to his shenanigans. He is also permanently banned from all Riot games as a penalty for his misogynistic remarks during a Valorant match.

Furthermore, IShowSpeed was also banned from Twitch for his similar activities. Additionally, he pooled much attention after he lit a Pikachu firework inside his room that required the interference of the fire department. Into the bargain, during his 8 August 2022 stream, IShowSpeed appeared to be restrained and wearing handcuffs. Even gunshots-alike sounds were heard on the stream; nonetheless, no guns were fired.

As the chaos continues, audiences wonder IShowSpeed’s parents’ stance amidst all. People are curious about his parents; thus, let us get right into it.

Who Are IShowSpeed Parents?

IShowSpeed parent’s name is still a mystery; however, they have appeared on his stream, be it on a heart video or scolding IShowSpeed for his loud noises and reactions behind the camera.

On many occasions during his live streams, the YouTuber can be heard bickering with his mother. While his mother’s face hasn’t been exposed on his streams or videos, we know that IShowSpeed’s interaction with his mother has never been light-hearted. He typically receives reprimands for speaking up a lot.

In most of his live streams, IShowSpeed can talk back to his mother. However, this behavior is not tolerated by his mother. As a result, he has to deal with numerous consequences, including her anger and occasionally having to end his live stream because of it. Audiences have heard his mother yell at him for making strange loud noises in the middle of the night.

IShowSpeed’s father, on the other hand, had done a video with him on a stream dated 26 November 2021. Audiences got to experience a wholesome side of his relationship with his father on the stream. While his father was unhappy with some comments IShowSpeed made at some points in his live stream, viewers genuinely loved their relationship. They loved how playful his father was.

IShowSpeed Is Not A Single Child In His Family

IShowSpeed has a younger brother who frequently appears in his live stream; however, his name is still unknown.

The two brothers can be found doing hilarious activities together. Sometimes they play basketball games with comedic commentaries, and sometimes they do live streams together; IShowSpeed plays games, and his brother watches him. One of IShowSpeed’s streams has caught his brother complaining about him to his mother, and the other had IShowSpeed surprising his little brother with gifts.

Moreover, Ishowpeed shaved his little brother’s hair in one of his videos after he commented that Messi is better than Ronaldo. The video started with a laugh, but his brother ended up crying amidst it. It is always fun to see the two siblings interact.

The streamer also seems to have a daughter who once appeared on his live stream. The supposed father and daughter talked about football in a stream segment where IShowSpeed hilariously barked at her for remarking that Messi is better than Ronaldo.

Did IShowSpeed Get Shot?

On 8 August 2022, ShowSpeed was allegedly swatted before being detained by Cincinnati police officers. Swatting is the criminal harassing technique of tricking an emergency service into sending a police or emergency service response team to another person’s address.

A gunshot-like sound is heard in the video as the police tried to stop IShowSpeed’s friend to live stream. However, it came to notice that no guns were fired then. The sounds were just similar to gunshots and not actually gunshots.

The cause for IShowSpeeds arrest is still under wraps. Others speculate that it could be because IShowSpeed allegedly prank-called the police in one of his videos; however, it appeared to be only his friend’s number. He never really called the police. While the exact reason is still unrevealed, rumors say that an unknown source erroneously reported him as a threat.