Fanny Hensel Has A Son, Only Kid Named Sebastian Hensel 

Fanny has a son named Sebastian Hansel. He was a renowned German landowner and a business tycoon, including an author.

Additionally, the deceased Sebastian was born on June 16, 1830, and expired at the age of 67 on January 13, 1898, according to his Wikipedia page. 

As per the source, his body was buried along with his family cemetery in the Dreifaltigkeit Cemetery.

However, Fanny met her then-husband, the artist Wilhelm Hensel. After dating for several years, the duo married in 1829, and the following year gave birth to their only child, Sebastian Hensel. She has at least two miscarriages.  

Born In Hamburg Fanny Hensel Belong To Upper Middle-Class Family 

Fanny was born and bred in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany. Her family was wealthy. She was the oldest daughter of four children to Abraham Mendelssohn (father) and Lea Saloman (mother).

Before her marriage to Wilhelm Hensel, Fanny’s full name was Fanny Mendelssohn, later, it became Fanny Hensel. 

After achieving enormous success in the music industry, Fanny passed on the 14th of May in 1847. She died due to a heart stroke. Her cause of death is natural. 

Where Did Fanny Hensel Live? Where Is She Now?

Fanny resided in Hamburg, Germany. She is dead, and no more with her family.

Her parents are all expired, including her son, Sebastian. Sebastian has three children, the late Paul and Kurt, including Cecile Hensel. It’s not clear if Cecile is alive or not.