Who Are Dhakota Williams And Danielle Stephens? Roberta Williams Kids, Husband Carl And Net Worth

The widow of slain underworld figure Roberta Williams has kids named Dhakota Williams And Danielle Stephens. As they belong to a part of Carl Williams’s highlight, many people keep a keen interest in them.

Likewise, Roberta Williams is the spouse of the late Australian convicted murderer and drug trafficker from Melbourne, Victoria. He is well-known for his criminal sequence and for being the figure in the Melbourne gangland killings.

After he married convicted drug trafficker Roberta, both were under the influence in several criminal activities. When following news outlets, many people have learned about their wrongdoing.

The Mafia duo has a daughter, and Roberta has other children from her previous association. Many people have kept a broader interest in knowing about the whereabouts after Carl’s death. 

Who Are Dhakota Williams And Danielle Stephens? Roberta Williams Kids

Roberta Williams already had four children from her previous relationship: Tye, Danielle, and Breanane. Later, she gave birth to a daughter Dhakota from her marriage to Carl Williams.

The news was publicly shared as many people were curious about the mafia’s family.

Likewise, Dhakota is the only child from their marriage, whereas Danielle is her step-sister. They are well-grown up, and Danielle has already made Roberta a grandmother. 

Dhakota was young when she faced her Father’s death and usually remains out of the spotlight and often tries to avoid the paparazzi. 

Moreover, she is currently with her partner Rob whom she shares the youngest son Giuseppe.

Roberta accepts that her child’s introduction to the world is another beginning, and she supports her child with support and praise. 

Who Is Roberta Williams Husband, Carl? Rumored To Be With Ken

Roberta Williams was married to the well-known criminal Carl Williams in 2001. She was rumored to be with Ken Williams, but the case seems false.

Her previous husband, Carl, worked various laboring jobs before opening a children’s clothing store in partnership with her. However, their business venture eventually failed, which was initiated with the birth of their daughter.

Following his criminal activities, he died from a head injury while being detained at Barwon Prison on 19 April 2010. Currently, she is married to Rob, and before Carl, she had previous relationships too.

Even though she was rumored to be with Ken Williams, while looking through her history, she is not associated with him. Many people may have confused her with video game designer and writer Roberta.

Roberta Williams Net Worth 

Even though Roberta Williams has not shared her net worth valuations, she may be the owner of multi-million dollars. Roberta and her previous spouse, Carl, were involved in drug dealing, which may have earned them huge.

However, their black money source does not support their earnings with legalized channels, and they may have handed over to Police authority. According to Daily Mail, they poured their daughter expensive gifts.

The lavish occasion even had a 4,000 dollars outfit for Dhakota on the big day, while Roberta Williams’ costume cost almost twice as much. Their criminal money source made their life lavish.

Her lifestyle seems similar even if she is not associated with the same work field. There is no news about her detainment so that she may live lavishly with her family.