Who Are Carlton Mccoy Parents? Heitz Cellars CEO Family Background Growing Up In Jewish Culture

Carlton Mccoy’s parents would have been proud if they could see him achieve the height of success. 

A prominent American Sommelier, Carlton Mccoy, is best known as the founder and CEO of Napa Valley’s Legendary Heitz Cellar. He has also made his appearance in the TV series named Nomad, a documentary show.

Moreover, he is also listed in the prestigious “30 Under 30” by Forbes magazines. Carlton followed his love and passion for food and beverages and is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs.

Let’s learn more about the owner of the leading winery and his life story here.

Who Are Heitz Cellars Carlton Mccoy’s Parents?

Carlton Mccoy, the owner of Heitz Cellars, was welcomed to the world by his drug addict parents in 1990. In one of his interviews, he opened up about his father and mother, who had a heroin addiction.

His mother passed away when he was only three years of age, while his father was missing from his life. Living in Southeast D.C was dangerous, he recalled.

Also, Carlton stated, “When you grow up in those neighborhoods, you’re not thinking about your future or your dreams. It’s impossible to imagine such things.”

Regardless he was raised under the wings of his paternal grandparents. In spite of having a struggling childhood, he grew up as one of the most successful men to take over the wineries market.

Carlton Mccoy Comes From A Jewish Family- Wikipedia Biography

Carlton Mccoy comes from a Jewish family from his mother and African-American descent from his father. However, he grew up with his dad’s family, although his father was absent in his life.

He is now available on the Wikipedia page, but his biography is available on the web. Mccoy has been open about his life to his followers, who take inspiration from him.

Living alongside his grandmom, he grew a passion for foods and beverages; after he spent years catering business and learning Kitchen skills although its basics.

He says, “My grandmother was an amazing cook, and she was by far the leading influence behind my career in the restaurant business.”

What Is Carlton Mccoy’s Wife’s Name? Meet His Children

Carlton Mccoy, is married to his wife, Elleree Fletcher, for a long time. Besides knowing as his sweetheart, she is also a professional gallerist and an artist who often shares her creativity on social media.

The couple’s children have been in the people’s interest lately. However, the pair doesn’t seem to have any, for now, looking at them, keeping their mouth closed.

Where Is Carlton Mccoy From- A Look Into His Religion

Carlton Mccoy is from Southeast Washington, DC, where he had a hard life to live. But, passing through the difficult stage of his life, he has now been named Master Sommelier.

As for his religion, he has yet to open up about the matter.