Who Are Benson Njiru & Emmanuel Mutura? Everything On Kianjokoma Brothers

Known as the Kianjokoma Brothers, Benson Njiru & Emmanuel Mutura died after being arrested by the police. To investigate further, keep reading the article.

Benson Njiru & Emmanuel Mutura are Embu brothers, who were recently confirmed dead on 3 August 2021. May the two rest in peace.

Tenri Hospital Mortuary had held their dead bodies for preservation.

As friends and family mourn the untimely death of Benson and Emmanuel, their death is yet to be thoroughly investigated.

Kianjokoma Brothers: Who Are Benson Njiru & Emmanuel Mutura?

Benson Njiru & Emmanuel Mutura are brothers, who are now being recognized as the Kianjokoma Brothers. They were missing since 1 August 2021 and reported dead on 3 August 2021.

Benson studied at Don Bosco Technology Training Institute while Emmanuel was a second-year law student at Kabarak University.

Aside from their education, nothing particular has been revealed to the public. However, reports suggest that the two were the beloved and vibrant members of John Ndwiga Kamunyoti’s family.

Apparently, the two violated the curfew orders for which the officers associated with the Manyatta Police station arrested them. And after their arrest, the only news their family received was their untimely death.

Benson Njiru & Emmanuel Mutura Age: How Old Were They?

Benson Njiru & Emmanuel Mutura’s ages are 22 years and 19 years, respectively.

Various credible sources have confirmed their ages. But, we don’t know their official birthdate and birthplace.

Benson and Emmanuel certainly died at a young age. And as their family buried them in Embu on 13 August 2021, they must have felt a lot of sorrow, sadness, and grief.

Although the two died young, their memories will be forever present within their family members.

Benson Njiru & Emmanuel Mutura Death Cause

Broken ribs and head injuries from a blunt object were the death cause of Bensin Njiru & Emmanue Mutura. Bensin had multiple injuries, while Emmanuel only had head injuries.

Apparently, three different Pathologists, Dr. Martha Mwangi, Dr. Ndegwa, and Dr. Doris Namu, conducted the autopsy at the Embu Level 5 mortuary on 5 August. Their reports contrasted with the police report.

Police had reported that the two died after they sustained the injuries jumping from a moving police vehicle. However, investigations are being done by The Police Reforms Working Group, IMLU, and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA).

As the police don’t sound very convincing, the family is pursuing the system to ensure justice. And, as their death cause has come into the limelight, their case will head to the proper conclusion.