Who Are Adam Collard Parents Bill Collard And Grace Collard? Details About His Family Background

Explore the details related to Adam Collard’s parents below in this article. In the fourth season of the revived Love Island series, Adam Collard was an Islander.

Adam moved into the villa on Day 1 and was expelled from the island on Day 32. After a brief cameo on Season 12 of Geordie Shore, he appeared on Love Island.

The personal trainer has received accolades from viewers for enhancing this year’s season and reestablishing the returning star as a Love Island legend.

Adam Collard Parents: Father Bill And Mother Grace 

Billy Collard and Grace Elliott, Adam Collard’s parents, owned mansions in the North East and London, respectively. Adam Collard hails from a wealthy family.

His father also has a real estate business estimated to be worth £3.1 million. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his father, who he describes as “one of the greatest guys I know.”

In addition, according to the Daily Mail, after admitting the fraud in 2008 at Newcastle Crown Court, his father was given a two-year conditional release and ordered to pay £2,000 in court costs.

Father-of-two Collard lives in a large, gorgeous farmhouse with views of rolling hills in the wealthy town of Horsley, Northumberland, which is believed to be worth £364,000.

Find Adam Collard Ethnicity

According to reports, Adam Collard belongs to the white ethnicity.

In England’s Newcastle upon Tyne, Collard was born. He was born in Newcastle. He is a British national and was born and reared in England.

His parents were born in England, yet he hasn’t given many details about his upbringing or past. 

Adam attended Ponteland High School, where he obtained his early foundational education.

In his hometown, he earned his high school diploma. Later, for higher study, he enrolled at a public institution. Adam majored in disciplines that are yet unknown.

Who Is Adam Collard’s Girlfriend?

It’s believed that Adam Collard’s girlfriend is Paige Thorne. Paige was utterly taken aback when Adam, the first bombshell to appear in two separate episodes, returned to Love Island.

She was dating Jacques O’Neill until he left the concert to concentrate on his mental health and promised to wait for Paige outside.

Judi James, a Love Island body language specialist for, reveals the warning signs that it won’t endure outside of Love or Lie Island in the most recent episode.

Since then, Paige has developed feelings for Adam, and last week, they had the most passionate first kiss in the series.

When they began discussing how to make their long-distance relationship work, Judi said it was clear that Adam wouldn’t be making many trips to Paige’s hometown of Swansea.

Adam Collard In Net Worth 2022

According to The Ladbible, Adam Collard will have a net worth of $1.5 million in 2022. He took part in the 2018 season of Love Island. However, he was sent off during one of the episodes.

He is the presenter of the podcast Lift Laugh Life and a personal trainer. He has spoken with many well-known people about their daily routines, occupations, and fitness.

His family’s fortune is also said to be approximately £3 million. In addition, two properties his parents owned, which were situated in the North East and London and valued at a combined $3,075,000, generated £140,000 in rental revenue yearly for them.