Whitney Wheeler: Top Facts About Jim Crane’s Wife

Whitney Wheeler is the famous wife of a billionaire business mogul and the chairman of the Huston Astros.  Whitney Wheeler began her educational journey at the Pinewood High School in Los Angeles and proceeded to the California Polytechnic State University.

Whitney Wheeler Age

Whitney Wheeler was born on February 18, 1969.

Whitney Wheeler Son

James Robert Crane II is the son of Whitney Wheeler and Jim Crane. Their son was born in the year 2018 in the United States of America.

Whitney Wheeler Husband, Jim Crane

American billionaire Jim Crane is the lawfully wedded husband of Whitney Wheeler. The duo got married in the year 2017. Whitney Wheeler and Jim Crane hooked up briefly after Jim Crane had finalized his divorce settlement with Francigene Neely Beck. Jim and Francigene were married for 21 years but got divorced in 2015.

Whitney Wheeler Net Worth

Whitney Wheeler has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Whitney Wheeler is fabulously rich because of her marriage to Jim Crane and from her investments she prefers to be quiet about.