Where is Mike Krukow Today? Illness & Health Update

Mike Krukow announced his illness six years ago. And fans are curious about his health now.

Mike Krukow is one of the most loved commentators for the San Fransisco Giants and Duane Kuiper. He is the former professional pitcher for Major League Baseball.

He has been silently dealing with the disease for many years now.

Update on Mike Krukow Illness His Health

In 2014, Mike Krukow revealed that he was suffering from the illness of degenerative muscle. He rarely talks about his health on public media.

From 2020, it was decided that Krukow would broadcast from the studio rather than the on-site commentary.

In the season of 2021, he was reunited with Kuiper and had their 31st season together as a broadcaster. They were making comments from the San Francisco Booth.

The Cali’s Sportscaster of the Year was originally suffering from the symptoms of the disease called Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM). Mike denied his diagnosis for years.

Just like many of us, he also does not want to rush to the hospital at first sight of pain. The former MLB player ignored his suffering by thinking that they would pass away with time.

It is common among athletes to suffer from injuries and various other medical diseases. Their profession demands them to ignore the pain as much as possible and not affect their professional and personal lives.

Though the suffering may be seen as a sign of a strong mindset, it is not a favorable condition to live in. After Mike made his disease public, it has inspired many players to have their personal life while also taking care of themselves.

IBM is the weakening of muscles over time. It might not look so painful at first, but imagine your body not being able to hold the weight of your muscle.

One time Mike fell out of the bus while on tour with the Giants. The medical condition might not be a life-threatening one. But he will always be in need of support.

The once best pitcher is now using a cane to walk, and eventually, he might end up using a walker or a wheelchair.

Get to know Mike Krukow Wife Jennifer Krukow

The 69-year-old Mike Krukow is married to his wife Jennifer Krukow. The 13 time Emmy award winner has been engaged for 24 years now.

The couple has raised five children of their own. They are named Jarek, Baker, Tessa, Chase, and Weston.

In 2014, the former Giants’ player moved to Nevada with his partner so that he could be with his grandchildren.

Exploring Mike Krukow Net Worth

Mike Krukow Net worth is estimated to be between $4 million to $5 million. The officials have not yet reviewed the Networth of the former athlete and now commentator.

We assume he must be living a luxurious retired life. Despite his earning from being a player, he is still making money out of commentary.