Where Is Jen Biesty From Top Chef Now? Oakland Local Making Huge In Real Business World

Jen Biesty is the head chef and co-owner of Shakewell, a restaurant in Oakland, California.

Jen has also participated in TV show cooking competitions, such as Top Chef and Beat Bobby Flay, and is a champion of Chopped. After winning Chopped, she earned good fame and started her own business in California.

However, Biesty shares her words about how her restaurant was affected by the COVID pandemic and how TV reality show has boosted her profile and made her famous. She is so thankful for the TV reality show, which helps bring her skill to the public.

The chef was interested in opening a restaurant from an early age when she was just 28 years old. Biesty wants to open her restaurant with her creativity, which will be far more different from the others, but it was difficult for her to find supporters as a young lady.

Furthermore, Jen has mentioned that the restaurant industry’s state is terrible now; many restaurants have been closed, and many investors are so scared. The leading cause of this problem is the Covid pandemic; due to this pandemic, many restaurants have shut down.

Where Is Jen Biesty From Top Chef Now?

Top chef Jen Biesty is currently in Oakland, where she has been running her small restaurant.

This business helped her make a lot of good money, but she had to shut down due to the covid pandemic. However, as of the recent update, she has been doing only takeaway and delivery. The chef wanted complete service, but they did not have enough staff.

Moreover, she has recently spoken with many chefs about a chef show that she is planning to organize the event. She has talked about the state restaurant industry, and everyone is concerned. They feel the government has not been helping their small business and restaurants.

Additionally, The chef is socially active, and she is on Instagram with the name aka @Jenbiesty with 3213 followers, 954 followings, and 692 posts as of 2022 July 28. Biesty recently uploaded her post four days ago where she has launched a new dish on the menu with the name chocolate crema Catalana with nut and seed brittle and whipped cream.

Learn About Jen Biesty Net Worth And Career Earnings

Diligent chef Jen Biesty has kept her net worth mystery from the internet and social media. Looking at her profession as a Chef, she might have a net worth of more than a million dollars.

Jen Biesty’s primary source of income is from her restaurant, which is in Oakland, California. However, the chef has been earning with different reality shows related to cooking. 

Moreover, Biesty won a Beat Booby Flay episode in 2015, where she might have earned a good prize pool. Besides her own business, she might make good reality show earnings.

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Jen Biesty Wife: Is She Married?

Top chef Jen Biesty is married to her wife, Sara Delman Biesty.

However, Biesty has not mentioned her wife’s details on social media. While watching her photos on Twitter and Instagram, both couples live happily and are happy with their married life.

Moreover, the chef has not revealed her Dad and mom’s information on the websites. At the same time, it seems like she wants to keep her professional and personal life separate.