Where Is Isaac Martinez 600 LB Life Now? Update

Isaac Martinez’s story in TLC’s 600LB life. Where Is Isaac Martinez Now?

Isaac Martinez is a native of Hutchins, Texas. He recently appeared in TLC’s popular show My 600-lB life. Also, his episode was titled “Life Revolves Around Food. Likewise, the young man stood at a staggering weight of 661 pounds. 

Where Is Isaac Martinez 600 LB Life Now? Update 2021

Isaac Martinez is currently on his weight loss journey.

The famous doctor, Dr Now is looking after Isaac’s path to a healthy lifestyle. In the latest episode, Isaac Martinez had hit the 539 pounds mark and was ready to undergo the weight-loss surgery.

Isaac is just the age of 23 years old as of now. He has already suffered from a cardiac arrest. Likewise, he was also diagnosed with lymphedema and cellulitis. Consequently, this near-death life experience led Isaac to embrace his weight loss path.  

Isaac’s Wife And Girlfriend: Is He Married?

Isaac Martinez is not married yet or has a wife.

In fact, we have not heard anything about Isaac Martinez’s past girlfriend. Considering his huge weight, it is hard for Isaac to go out and meet someone. But, we hope that Isaac Martinez will soon meet his future wife and children. 

Regardless of his weight, Isaac was once full of life and popular in school. Besides, he was even accepted to the University of Houston with a full scholarship. However, his family responsibilities pulled him back to his unhealthy lifestyle. 

Issac Martinez: Net Worth And Family

Isaac Martinez’s Net Worth is a matter of discussion.

Isaac Martinez doesn’t have a job and spends most of his time inside the home. On the other hand, he may have generated some income by appearing in TLC’s My 600 Lb life. 

Isaac almost lost his mother, Jayne Martinez, to cancer when he was just 16 years old. Similarly, Isaac Martinez’s other family consists of his father, three younger brothers, and a sister named Angeliza. Similarly, his mom and sister are also battling with eating disorders.