Where Is Amanda Dugan Going After Leaving KXAN? Her New Job

Amanda Dugan will leave KXAN but has not yet revealed anything about her new job. 

She recently announced that July 1, 2022, would be her last day at the studio and would be leaving KXAN. 

However, Dugan has yet to reveal her next move, she has not spoken about her net job or what will she do after leaving the station. 

Amanda might have found a new job offer or could be looking forward to taking some time off before starting a new job. She might also have had an opportunity to take her profession to a new height. 

She made the announcement through her Instagram account, she said, My final appearance on KXAN Today, Nonstop Weather & Traffic, and KXAN News at Noon will be on Friday. I am incredibly grateful for my time spent in the newsroom over the past 11 years at @kxan news since it has helped me grow and learn.

She added, that as my family grew, I realized that I needed to modify my job schedule so that it would better accommodate my family life. I’m certain a lot of you can identify. I’ve had the good fortune to work with amazing people, and I’m extremely grateful for your generosity and support. Stay optimistic and safe.

After she made the announcement on her Instagram, her colleagues seem sad about the fact she is leaving.

Amanda Dugan Career Details So Far Explored

Amanda Dugan has been in the broadcast and journalism industry for over a decade now. 

She started her career in the broadcasting industry back in 2009 with KTSW 89.9 FM, she was a host and producer for the radio station until May 2010. 

Dugan then interned for The Bobby Bones Show and then Entercom Comm. Corp from January 2010 to May 2010. She started her next big job with LIN Media in January 2011 all the way until April 2012. 

Amanda then joined KXAN-TV in March 2012 and worked at the station until recently. Her job at the station included identifying, researching, coordinating, and writing engaging and impactful news stories for viewers according to her LinkedIn profile. 

Dugan graduated from Community College of Allegheny County and then attended Texas State University to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. 

What Is Amanda Dugan Net Worth 2022?

Amanda Dugan’s net worth might exceed $1 million In 2022.

She has never, however, provided any information regarding her current net worth.

Similarly, we might surmise that her work as a news anchor and reporter is her primary source of income.

Nevertheless, as you read this post, we are working to confirm her real net worth; once this is done, the figure will be made public.