Where Does Montell Fish Live and What Is His Real Name?

Montell Fish lives in Brooklyn, New York, and he is originally from Pennsylvania.

He is an American singer and rapper, he has redefined Christian music with his new album Jamie which was released on July 22.

Montell was heartbroken at the age of 16 years old after being thrown out of his mother’s home due to his attraction toward not-so-holy substances and split with his girlfriend. The rapper was depressed and approached God to get out of his situation and he saw music as his way out according to Billboard.

He admits in an interview with Billboard, that he writes good albums when he is heartbroken and has a consistent past in doing so. Fish has already released over 500 songs and videos and has redefined Christain music with his raps and songs.

Other Christian singers from the United States of America include Chello, Martha Borg, and Kate Kalvach.

Let us learn more about Montell Fish and take a closer look at some of his unknown facts.

Quick Facts

Name Montell Fish
Real Name Montell Frazier
Age 24 Years Old
Date of Birth October 19, 1997
Occupation Singer, Rapper
Net Worth $826,000
Instagram @montellfish
TikTok @montellfish
YouTube @WorldOfMontell
Facebook @MontellFish

1. Where Does Rapper Montell Fish Live and Where Is He From?

Rapper Montell Fish lives in Brooklyn, New York but he was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The rapper has spent his entire life growing up and making music on the east coast of the United States of America.

Montell has kept his circle tight since his early career days and has always worked with people he knows and trusts from the beginning. He does not like working with many peoples.

While his actual whereabouts are not known as of now as the rapper is always hitting the roads and traveling around the country performing, he will always remain a Pennsylvanian in his heart.

However, apart from his hometown Montell also spends a large chunk of his time in Brooklyn, New York.

2. Montell Fish’s Real Name Is Montell Frazier

Montell Fish is a unique rap name but his real name is Montell Frazier.

Fish is known by his moniker among his fans and followers, but only a few know his real name. According to Babies Name, the name Montell is of French origin and roughly means My Ruler.

The story behind his moniker remains unknown as the rapper has not spoken anything about it yet to the public, but he has been using his moniker since the beginning of his career.

Frazier was born to a devoted Christian mother and faithless father, he was raised in the Christian faith by his mother after his parents got separated when the singer was just 6 months old.

3. He Is 24 Years Old As Of 2022

Montell Fish is 24 years old as of 2022, he was born in the year 1997.

The rapper celebrated his birthday on October 19 every year according to FilmiFeed, the rapper must receive tons of wishes from his followers and loved ones on his birthday every year.

According to his actual date of birth, Fish has acquired Libra as his zodiac sign. People with Libra as their zodiac sign tend to be extroverted, cozy, and friendly people.

He would often hang out with his cousin at his cousin’s basement studio after school but once when he got in trouble at school his mother restricted him from going there, Montell recalls crying a lot at that time. He was just 14 years old.

He started making music at the age of just 16 years old, and has already acquired widespread fame as a unique Christian singer by the time he was 18 years old.

4. His Net Worth Is $826,000

Rapper Montell Fish’s net worth is estimated at $826,000 as of 2022 according to Statsmash.

The rapper has a huge fan base and has millions of combined followers on his various social media accounts.

Montell’s YouTube channel has 802k subscribers at the time of writing this article, his music videos on his channel gain millions of views while other videos on his channel attract thousands of people. The rapper might have made a substantial chunk of his wealth from YouTube revenue.

Similarly, Montell has also performed throughout the United States of America at various events and festivals, his other major source of income is from his tours and concerts.

Furthermore, he has released a studio album and the album has been very successful. The sales from his studio album might also bring revenue for the singer.

While the rapper has set up his merch online store already, there are no products available yet. He might have sold all his merch as he had already announced his merch on his Instagram account previously.

5. Montell Fish Is Found On Instagram

Montell Fish is found using Instagram under his username @montellfish.

The rapper has over 288k followers on his Instagram account while he follows only 2 other accounts.

He has made 24 posts to his followers so far, Montell is seen posting images of himself and promoting his music on his Instagram account.

Apart from Instagram, the rapper is also active on TikTok under his username @montellfish. He has over 1.5 million followers on the short-video sharing platform.

He has received over 46 million likes for his content from other users on TikTok at the time of writing this article. He is seen sharing clips of his music videos on his TikTok account.

6. He Was Raised In Christian Faith

Montell Fish was raised in the Christian faith by his mother but he only found God much later in his life.

Fish was born to a devoted Christian mother and was raised by his mother after she split with her faithless husband when Montell was just 6 months old according to Billboard.

However, Montell never felt a connection with God until he was 16 years old. He found God when he was at his lowest point in life.

Montell was recently kicked out of his mother’s home when she found his connection with substances, he was then dumped by his girlfriend and was suffering from depression due to the two traumas that came at once.

While looking for a way out of his situation, Montell decided to seek the god and asked if he was real then he must show Montell a way out. The rapper realized music was his way out and decided to pursue Christian music but he did not want to sing gospel like others.

He decided and started to experiment with music and found a perfect way of making his music by combining faith, R&B, and rap. He has been successful in his experiment as he has already established himself in the industry.

Some FAQs

What Is Montell Fish Age?

Montell Fish’s age is 24 years old.

What Is Montell Fish Net Worth 2022?

Montell Fish’s net worth is $826,000 as of 2022.

What Is Montell Fish’s Real Name?

Montell Fish’s real name is Montell Frazier.

Where Is Montell Fish Hometown?

Montell Fish’s hometown is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.