When did Sam Milby propose to Catriona Gray? How did Sam Milby and Catriona meet?

In a celebration of romance and commitment, the recently engaged couple, Catriona Gray and Sam Milby, invite us into the intimate chapters of their love story. Founded on the clarity of their individuality while recognizing the power of strength in togetherness, Catriona and Sam’s journey is a testament to the beauty of unexpected love.

The Unspoken “Yes”: The realization of being “the one” was gradual for both. For Catriona, it was the anticipation of sharing every aspect of her life with Sam, creating a safe space. For Sam, it was a sense of security and shared victories, even in a Call of Duty game.

Love, much like Tiffany & Co.’s diamonds, has many facets. Catriona and Sam’s love story reflects the beauty of intimacy, passion, and commitment. From an unexpected meeting to a lifetime promise, their journey is a testament to the dedication required for a chance at a future together. As love shines through their rings, sealed with a kiss, Catriona Gray and Sam Milby embark on the next chapter of their enchanting love story.