When Did Chrisean Rock Have Her Son? Did Chrisean’s Baby get Taken Away?

The reality star gave birth to her son via Instagram Live on September 3rd. Just a day earlier, on Saturday, September 2nd, Chrisean hopped onto her Instagram Live to share the exciting news that she was in labor, allowing her followers to be part of the journey.

The Live session showcased her time in the hospital, where a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including nurses and a midwife, provided attentive care and support.

Did Chrisean’s Baby get Taken Away?

In the wee hours of Monday, Blueface went live on IG while holding his son, Chrisean Jr., and appeared to have taken the infant from Chrisean’s friend Marsh who was on the phone attempting to contact someone. It looks like she was babysitting the kid for Mom.

Blueface claims Chrisean abandoned her motherly duties labeling her a “booth bitch” for allegedly ditching their kid in the middle of the night.