What Type of Cancer Does Sarah Cawood Have?

Sarah Louise Cawood (born 7 August 1972 in St Pancras, London) is an English broadcaster, best known for presenting the BBC Children’s Saturday flagship morning show Live & Kicking.

What Type of Cancer Does Sarah Cawood Have?

Top of the Pops and Live & Kicking presenter Sarah Cawood has breast cancer as she shared her health update to the media. Besides, she also gave a powerful message saying how she wished to get her kit off for magazine shoots when she was younger.

Sarah revealed the news of her cancer diagnosis to the media, saying that he was detected with stage one breast cancer only last month. She went for her first ever routine mammogram and didn’t get her screening result; hence, she decided to have another mammogram and an ultrasound.

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After the biopsy, she came to know that the lumps in her breast were not normal cysts, while she worried to the worst that it would be an aggressive form.