What supplements does Ross Edgley take?

Ross Edgley is an extreme adventurer, ultra-marathon sea swimmer and author.

He holds multiple world records but is best known for completing the World’s Longest Staged Sea Swim in 2018, when he became the first person in history to swim 1,780 miles around Great Britain in 157 days.

Voted Performance of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association, he documented his training, nutrition, theories and strategies and published them in his books titled The World’s Fittest Book (2018), The Art of Resilience (2020), and Blueprint: Build a Bulletproof Body for Extreme Adventure in 365 Days (2021), all of which became No.1 Sunday Times Bestsellers and have been translated into several other languages.

What supplements does Ross Edgley take?

Ross Edgley takes Vitamin D3 and OMEGA 3.

“The reason I supplement with this is that it’s involved in so many functions within the body many scientists claim it actually acts more like a hormone than a vitamin. Integral to maintaining immune health (especially in athletes) I’ve taken this every day for the last 10 years all throughout my sporting career, ” Edgley recounted why he uses Vitamin D3 supplements.

OMEGA 3. “Although there’s so much research surrounding fish oils and heart health, I also religiously supplement with this based on research that demonstrates it up-regulates and boosts mitochondria function (the “powerhouses” of the cells), Edgley said.