What Is TikTok Beep Filter? How To Do/Get The Filter – Step By Step

TikTok is out with a new feature called the TikTok Beep Filter to rid the app from swear words. This move came after more and more TikTok users started to use cuss words in the name of comedy. TikTok users will have to install an additional application called Thread to access this feature on their mobile phones.

What Is TikTok Beep Filter?

TikTok Beep Filter is not actually a filter in a literal sense. It is more of a feature that automatically links to the TikTok app when a user installs another app named Threads From Instagram on his/her cell phone.

Thread is an Instagram-linked app that allows users to send private messages. Though Thread was launched in October 2019, it became popular only after TikTokers discovered the swear filter. 

Until now, over a million people have already downloaded threads. Likewise, several TikTok users have uploaded videos of themselves using the TikTok Beep Filter.

However, neither TikTok nor Threads’ officials have revealed the list of swear words that the app actually filters.

How To Access The TikTok Beep Filter/How To Get The TikTok Beep Filter?

  1. Download the app Threads From Instagram.
  2. Allow camera and microphone access to Threads.
  3. Record a video on your mobile phone.
  4. Threads will automatically translate the audio into subtitles and display it on the screen.
  5. Any swear/cuss words spoken on the video will be automatically filtered.
  6. Save the video and upload it to TikTok.

Is TikTok Beep Filter Working On All Kinds Of Mobile Phones?

While the TikTok Beep Filter seems easily accessible to many users, some have reported that the feature is either unavailable or doesn’t work on their mobile phones.

Though there is no official solution to this problem, updating TikTok, deleting it, and then re-downloading it has worked for some. Further, the TikTok Beep Filter is not available in some countries, so the TikTok users there may not have access to the feature. 

What More Can You Do On Threads From Instagram?

Although users are primarily downloading the Threads From Instagram to use the TikTok Beep Filter, the app comes with several more features. Threads are specifically designed to share ideas and stories between close friends.

Through the app, users can view statuses, stories, and messages from their close friends. Further, it also allows a user to chat on Instagram, set statuses, send photos, create themes, and more.