What Is The Relation Between Kim Meylemans & Nicole Silveira? Sexuality Revealed In The Athlete Instagram

Kim Meylemans is a Belgian skeleton racer who competes in the Skeleton World Cup and has recently been the subject of speculation due to her relationship with Nicole Silveira.

Kim Meylemans began participating in the skeleton in 2009 and was named: to the German national team in 2013. She has become the talk of the town after establishing a romantic relationship with Nicole Silveira.

Nicole was born in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on, May 7, 1994, and has been in a relationship with Kim for a long time now. The couple is happy with each other and open about their sexuality.

The couple recently revealed their love to the world, which may appear a little star-crossed given Kim Meylemans’ Belgian citizenship and Nicole Silveira’s Brazilian citizenship.

Find greater insight into their relationship in the article below.

What Is The Relation Between Kim Meylemans & Nicole Silveira?

Kim Meylemans And Nicole Silveira have recently made their relationship public and have admitted being in love with each other. The two Olympians have taken the internet by storm after revealing their relationship.

The two began to imply in an August 2021 post that they were spending time together as more than buddies. Nicole shared this on Instagram: “I’ll be eternally grateful for athletics and the great connections that may be made: as a result of them.

Nicole posted a nice photo of herself and Kim beneath the mistletoe in a more festive post from December 2021. She penned, “Two teams are far superior to one. It’s said this is the season to be jolly. Christmas greetings!”

What Is Kim Meylemans Networth?

Kim Meylemans is one of the well-paid athletes, and her networth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of February 2022. She earns a fortune from her career in skeleton racing.

She lives a well-off life out of her income and even finances her expensive vacations. The player seems to live a happy life with her partner, Nicole.

The prime source of her income is Skiing, but she is also an ambassador of @outforthewin. She is happy with what she has, and her car and other assets are still under evaluation.

She lives a luxurious life out of her income.

Know About Kim Meylemans Biography

Kim Meylemans was born in Lamerdingen, Germany, on March 7, 1996, to her Belgian parents. She was interested in skeleton racing from an early age got into sports with the help of her parents.

She joined the Belgian national team in the 2014–15 season. She rides a Schneider sled and is coached: by Fernando Oliva (personal coach) and Martin Retail (team coach).

Meylemans placed sixth at the 2017 IBSF World Championships in Königssee after finishing 14th at the 2016 championships in Igls. Meulemans finished 9th in the 2017 European Championships.

Meet Kim Meylemans On Instagram

Kim Meylemans is active on Instagram as kimmeylemans and has attracted 9,112 followers: with her extraordinarily entertaining 423 posts. She currently follows 859 Instagram accounts.

She is also a 2018 olympian and got the opportunity this year due to her ability. She is the wife of Nicole Silveira and proudly represents the LGBTQ+ community.

The player has posted sweet moments with her partner on her Instagram. She has made numerous posts about her training and taking part in different games.

She is an outdoor person and loves hanging out with her friends, partner, and dog. She is a fan of extreme sports.