What Is The Pulling Man Game on Tiktok? Project Playables New Game Is Viral On The Internet

The “Pulling Man game,” a popular TikTok trend, is a new game of Project Playables that makes the claim that it can correctly identify the dynamics of any relationship.

The game works by using something called the green line test.

According to this test, a couple’s relationship dynamics and who is in charge can be inferred from the way they stand next to each other, especially while taking pictures.

The entire online discussion was refuted by body language specialists, saying it is highly false. Despite this, the theory has continued to grow online as people rush to apply it to their own relationship photos on social media.

What Is The Pulling Man Game on Tiktok?

A viral TikTok craze known as the “Pulling Man game” claims to be able to accurately portray the workings of a relationship or marriage using something called the “green line test.”

According to the theory put forward by the Twitter user @alpharivelino, a lot may be learned about a pair’s relationship by observing how they stand when together. Do they lean against one another, stand apart, or simply straight.

The majority of the time, the guy is pulled more towards the woman, which implies that he is vulnerable, emotionally reliant, and in need of the woman.

If the woman is standing straight and strikes a powerful, independent pose by standing erect, she is thought to be powerful and self-assured.

No matter how plausible this theory seems, Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh, a specialist in mental health and relationships, says it is a fallacious hypothesis.

According to her, photographs are hardly ever candid, especially when dealing with famous people. Although body language can reveal a relationship’s quality, a single image is insufficient.

How To Play Project Playables New Game The Pulling Man?

To play Project Playables’ new game, The Pulling Man, it is essential to have multiple images of the couple whose dynamics you are trying to ascertain.

In each picture, draw a straight green line over each person’s posture and identify who is sitting upright and who is leaning toward the other.

According to various TikTok users, the one who sits upright has an influence in the relationship and is dominant and in charge. The dependent, subordinate, and gentle person in the relationship is the one who tilts toward their lover.

However, this theory has been shut down by experts in relationships saying it is not quite true.