What Is The Meaning Of ‘War Is Over’ According To TikTok?

War Is Over has been trending in Tiktok, and people are curious to know the meaning of the phrase. War is Over seems to have a different meaning than its usual meaning.

TikTok has been a platform where words, phrases, songs, and music go viral and become a trend that will be on the forum for more months.

So, recently War is Over phrase has been used a lot of the time, and people are asking the tiktok creators what the meaning is.

What Does ‘War Is Over’ Meaning On TikTok?

War Is Over has been seen mainly on TikTok. The literal meaning of war is over is used to state when war has ended, but in tiktok, it has been used in various ways.

One of the meaning War is Over is used to denote the one person who is constantly in battle within themselves to win it or come to a conclusion.

One of the TikTok users, Jessie lyn, shared that War Is over is used to denote when you have been through hell and finally have found peace.

One of the tiktok creators, Real Ali, got the question in her post about what war is over, and she shared the meaning based on her perspective.

She said that the meaning is that the war that is inside me is over, and she later began to explain it in the Spanish language too. She elaborated on the meaning that it is like the person is fighting with something inside of them, thinking there is no possibility of them winning over it.

So, even if one window is closed, many doors will help you get out of a certain situation or condition.

War Is Over TikTok Compilation Videos And Trend Explained

War Is Over videos have been popping in the Tiktok platforms. People have been making videos with the war is over the song with their own perspectives regarding it.

War is Over comes from a Christmas song called Happy Xmas Song( War Is Over)- Ultimate Mix.

The song is a Christmas song released by John Lenon and & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band in 1971. After the song was released, it reached number four in the UK.

This Christmas song was also used as a protest against the Vietnam War and has been recorded frequently by various artists. It has been voted the Nation’s Favourite Christmas Song in a Uk wife poll conducted in December 2012. The song War is Over is heard in the background, and people are using this song to make their TikTok videos.

In the compilation video, people share the war they won or the difficulties they have overcome in life. The war is over trend has been used by people to share the war or the difficulties they were suffering but now have gained victory over it.

One of the Tiktok creators, Ionna, shared War is Over video to share about eating disorders. She shared what it feels like to feel naturally hungry and go to the fridge to take food to eat. People did not understand her video and were seen commenting on it, but there were people who caught the war she faced during the disorder and overcame it.

While someone is seen talking about the song used as a protest to the Vietnam War. It was also seen somewhere sharing that after they graduate from high school, they no longer have to go to school in their Tiktok video.

Some were also using War is Over audio to show that they have stopped people from self-harming by throwing a sharp object in the gutter. The comments were flooded in the post of home, proud they were of the person who did it. One of the tiktok creators was also seen making the video about getting broke up with her lover and shared that it is for the best.