What is the controversial story of Shubh?

Indian rapper and singer Shhubh has been facing internet outrage after he posted an image of India’s geography on his Instagram story in March 2023,

The painting he posted depicts a police officer disconnecting a light bulb, resulting in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and the North Eastern States being in the dark.

Along with this story, he wrote, “Pray for Punjab,” which drew criticism from many individuals, including actress Kangana Ranaut and rapper KR$NA, who misconstrued and blamed the artist for the incorrect map representation.

The artwork was comparable to cartoonist R. K. Laxman’s depiction of India’s map (2002), in which Gujarat was represented to be larger and superior to the rest of the country’s states.

The original artist, Inkqisitive, was unaware that people would misinterpret his artwork portrait in a bad light and hence deleted it. Shubh then erased the previous story and replaced it with a new one that said “Pray for Punjab” on a black background.

Dur to this controversy, his tour to India was cancelled. He was scheduled to visit several cities in India, starting from Mumbai on September 23 2023. The brand boAt also withdrew its sponsorship for his India tour.