What Is RHODubai Chanel Ayan Ethnicity And Nationality? Meet Her Parents

From Malanba, Kenya, Chanel Ayan is a well-known model, social media influencer, television personality, actor, and businesswoman.

Although Chanel was born and raised in Kenya, she also has Ethiopian and Somalian ancestry.

Chanel Ayan, a model and actress, is one of the most recognizable people online. The world is, therefore, extremely interested in learning about her race, country of origin, parents, and husband.

What Is RHODubai Chanel Ayan Ethnicity And Nationality?

Chanel Ayan, a well-known internet personality, is a Kenyan model with roots in Somalia and Ethiopia.

Ayan is hence of mixed ethnicity but is a citizen of Kenya. She has ancestry from both Ethiopia and Somalia.

She is a strong, successful woman who makes the most of every opportunity. She is also a life enthusiast. Additionally, she is a devoted mother and a caring wife.

This stunning supermodel has been in several advertisements. Still, she gained even more recognition when she was chosen to be a cast member of the reality TV program The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Along with Caroline Brooks, Nina Ali, Dr. Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan, and Caroline Stanburry, The Real Housewives of Dubai chronicled the extravagant lifestyles, struggles, and hardships of Chanel Ayan.

At 18, the 44-year-old model relocated to Brazil to pursue her modeling career. She is the owner of AYAN Beauty by Toni Malt Makeup and a talent agency. She has been a resident of Dubai for 18 years, but The Real Housewives of Dubai is wholly responsible for her current rise in popularity.

Model Chanel Ayan is not just any model. ” I’m the first Black supermodel in Dubai,” she declared in a show promotional video. She continued by saying that she was the first person from her town or generation to accomplish anything this significant. She continued by saying that she was quite proud of herself.

The entire nation of Kenya must be proud that a person from their country managed to star in one of the most popular programs, The Real Housewives of Dubai.

She proved her worth to her Kenyan nationality.

Chanel Ayan Parents And Husband

Including her parents and four siblings, Chanel Ayan was born into a household of seven.

The father of Chanel Ayan was from Somalia. He belongs to a wealthy family that owned the entire Gateway company. Despite leading a luxurious life, he had a drinking problem that upset the rest of the family.

In an interview with Vanguard, she revealed that her mother raised the five children since her father frequently forgot what it meant to be a parent.

Ayan’s mother, on the other hand, is from Ethiopia. She claimed that her mother is the reason why every member of her family is so lovely. Her mother did all household duties, including caring for all children.

Ayan takes precautions to minimize her private affairs out of the public eye. As a result, many of the initial sources assumed that she was wed to Luca Salvas.

However, all of that information was proven untrue when Ayan spoke in front of the public about her husband, Chris. It was believed that her friend Salvas was her husband.

While Ayan worked on commercials and photo shoots in Brazil, the couple first got acquainted. Chris was presented to her by her sister.

Although it wasn’t love at first sight, the pair eventually fell in love, and she was 17 then.

Chris recently disclosed that he was drawn to Ayan for more reasons than just her charismatic personality, attractive smile, and dance moves.

Taj, who is also a model, is the happy couple’s son, and they have been married for almost 22 years.

Chanel Ayan managed to maintain a very discreet personal life despite being a worldwide star.