What Is Noodle Hair TikTok Trend? How To Do It?

People who follow the noodle hair fad style their hair to resemble a box of uncooked noodles. To put it another way, the hairstyle is characterized by tight curls that are difficult to overlook.

This haircut first gained popularity when Cristiano Ronaldo was a Manchester United player. Fans from all around the world wanted to copy the appearance, and many attempted to do so.

Years later, it appears that the trend is resurfacing, as users on social media have started experimenting with it.

TikTok Noodle Hair: Celebrities Doing Noodle Hairstyle

The emergence of the TikTok Noodle Hair began with our very famous, Christiano Ronaldo. 

Here is the video that has surpassed 175.5 thousand likes already.


Noodle hair Ronaldo ?##foryoupage ##xybzca ##fyp ##4u ##viral ##foryou ##football ##foryoupage ##fypシ

♬ original sound – ʀᴏɴᴀʟᴅᴏ ♕

Likewise, when clicked on the sounds of the trend people use, Christiano’s video pops up right at the beginning. 

TikTok Noodle Hair: What is the Meaning Behind It?

The meaning behind the TikTok noodle hair is simply to style the hairstyle with a noodle-like wavy look. 

It is often created without using any heat, which is potentially one of the reasons why the trend is so viral today. Who wouldn’t want stunning heatless curls?

You can try it just at home too; there are many tutorial videos.