What Is Jessica Stern Gender? Diplomatic Envoy For LGBTQ Rights -Everything To Know

Jessica Stern accepts all pronouns as gender and she has achieved a milestone working as a diplomatic envoy for LGBTQI+.

U.S.A is on the right track for the rights of LGBTQI+ community.

American government has now issued their first passport with the ‘X’ gender designation labeled on it.

Now, the ‘X’-designated passport will be provided to the people who belong to the LGBTQI+ community.

Although the newly issued passport is assigned for the people who do not identify themselves as a male or female, non-binary, intersex, and gender non-confirming people need to wait till next year as the U.S government is planning to provide them passport on the first half of 2022.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear to whom the passport has been issued but the U.S special diplomatic envoy for LGBTQ rights, Jessica Stern has called the moment historic and celebratory.

We find out more about Jessica Stern starting with.

Who Is Jessica Stern?  Her Gender Details

Jessica Stern is the U.S Special envoy to advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ community.

She was appointed by President Joe Biden. Prior to her new role, she had served as an Executive Director of Outright Action International, a leading global LGBTIQ+ human rights organization for a decade.

Besides that, Stern has been a researcher at Human Rights Watch and a Ralph bunche fellow at Amnesty International.

Adding to her resume, she also served as a program director at the Center of Constitutional Rights and an associate professor at Columbia University’s school of International and Public Affairs.

Stern, who accepts all pronouns, has yet to reveal her gender publicly. However, following several sites it is safe to call that Stern is a woman as she is called by adding a pronoun ‘she’.

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Jessica completed her education at London School of Economics. The member of LGBTI reference group, Stern provides expert opinions to government globally.

Jessica Stern Age: How Old Is She?

Jessica Stern could be in her mid-40s.

However, the given age is based on the assumption as her date of birth is not revealed to the public.

But, she is known to have been working for the rights of LGBTIQ+ community for over decade and now her contribution has come in fruition after the government has issued the passport for the third gender community.

Meet Jessica Stern On Instagram

Jessica Stern could not be found on Instagram.

Likewise, she is not active on other social media platforms as well. Stern stays away from an online world.