What is BBY Kodie Race? Ethnicity And Parents Details Of Zawon Handy

BBY Kodie is a versatile teenage rapper with a cult following from Houston. Discover more about his race, ethnicity, and his income sources.

Zawon Handy is the actual name of Hudson-based American rapper BBY Kodie.

Kodie’s latest song, Emotions Running High, is an album complete with dark, menacing beats and a confident rhyme style.

In an interview with Houstonia, the rapper has revealed his dad was raising him on jazz and soul music, but his ear was tuned to hip-hop, and performers like Swedish rapper Yung Lean, the New York-based collective, A$AP Mob, and Memphis emcee Xavier Wulf.

BBY Kodie Race: Is BBY Kodie White Or Black?

As of 2022, the rapper is 22 years, was born in June 2000 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

In 2002, the rapper was given to his aunt from Houston by his mother when he was only two years old.

BBY Kodie belongs to the Non-Hispanic Race or White.

After meeting Houston rapper HVN in his high school days, the rapper started showing interest in rap.

The rapper who attended the local school in Houston was studious in his school days.

BBY Kodie Parents: Who Are They?

The rapper was raised by his aunt from Houston, who often visited his parents in Louisiana until he turned 10.

The artist often mentions his parents during interviews, but still, their details are unavailable.

The rapper’s parents didn’t agree with a career in the arts, but their position changed once they saw their son’s emerging career.

The rapper has a sister named Latvia Roberson, who was one of the original members of the iconic Houston girl group, Destiny’s Child.

Ethnicity Of BBY Kodie Parents Explored

The rapper has not disclosed his personal life to the public.

Kodie’s ethnicity is White. His nationality is American.

Currently, the rapper lives in Texas but still travels between Texas and Louisiana to be with family.

The rapper has disclosed that on songs like “Survival” and “In The Moment,” the subtleties of trumpets and saxophones come from his father’s taste in music.

BBY Kodie Net Worth: His Career Earnings

As of 2022, the rapper’s net worth can be estimated between $ 300 to $350 thousand.

His source of income is his songs and tour collection. Even his Youtube channel and social media generate revenue.

The rapper is active on Instagram under the username @bbykodie has 18 k followers and two posts on his handle.

The rapper has 4837 followers on his Twitter handle @BBYKODIE.