What Is Aughhhh TikTok Meme And Sound Meaning -Explore Viral Videos And Trends

Recently, the Aughhhh TikTok meme and sound meaning are explained below. Watch viral videos following the trend on TikTok.

Every day, TikTok comes with new and exciting trends. The celebrities and non-celebrities TikTok users create short content and upload it on this platform. In return, they get like and gifts from the viewers.

There is a TikTok meme called Aughhhh that went viral in early 2022. Simply, people are somehow enjoying the hilarious loud snoring sound and making videos following the trend with hashtag #aughhhh.

Aughhhh TikTok Meme And Sound Meaning Explained

As per Know Your Meme, Aughhhh meme refers to a goofy “ahhh” audio sound of a man snoring intensely that became popular on TikTok in late 2021 throughout early 2022.

The audio sound “AUGHHHH” of a man snoring is used by the many TikTokers without mentioning the original users.

Did you know? Where is the Aughhhh meme origin? An Arabian YouTuber, just for fun purposes, uploaded a snoring video of a man sleeping in bed on his YouTube channel.

The video is covered in Arabic text translated “Poor guy hasn’t slept for a week, and he swallowed a Z280 engine,” comparing the snoring to an engine.

Aughhhh Viral Videos On TikTok Explored

You can watch plenty of videos using the goofy #aughhhh sound on TikTok. With their unique content, the sound was used in the background.

One user made a video using the sound. You can watch it here at the given link. The user, Mora KC, edited the office jerk video and used the sound.

The video has garnered 2.1 million likes and 36k comments so far.

Another user named @dvrkspirits made a dancing video in the road on TikTok using the #aughhhh sound last month. A written text on the screen, reads like this, ” Hi, his name is Aughhhh Winston of 17 years. Aughhhh, he is very similar to you. Did he mention that he is Aughhhh some girls pushed him?”

The original video was later uploaded by @montlawncamp in February 2022, mentioning the @6d2021 as evidence. Well, the video was deleted from the 6d2021 user now.

How To Do The Aughhhh Trend?

You can use the Aughhhh sound in the background and create unique content that fits the snoring sound. There are no specific rules or steps to follow the trend.

The content idea should be unique and extraordinary.