What Illness Does Mai Mihara Have?

The figure skater champion Mai Mihara has been suffering from a chronic illness, juvenile arthritis and it has been quite a few years.

She was first diagnosed with this problem in December 2015 and since then she had been fighting with this disease as a brave person.

This illness had been affecting her severely due to which her career in figure skating is also getting into danger as she was hospitalized two seasons back.

But it seems she has been progressing from her condition gradually and currently she is already back on the ice rink for skating in several matches.

Who Are The Parents Of Mai Mihara? Her Ethnicity 

Mai Mihara seems to be quite silent regarding her parents as we are unable to find the exact information about them and she is of Japanese ethnicity.

Her mother gave birth to her on the 22nd of August, 1999 in Kobe, Japan and they raised her with utmost care and love as she was very adorable.

As she grew up, the passion for figure skating got built up into her along with the time and her parents were always positive about it towards her.

They had always supported and motivated her to give wings to her dream and she has become successful in making them proud with her achievement.

Does Mai Mihara Have A Boyfriend? 

Mai Mihara has been secretive about her personal life and there is no proving evidence regarding the presence of her boyfriend.

We are unable to find her on any of the social media platforms as of now which might also be the reason behind not finding anything about her partner.

As she is away from the frequent media appearance and other internet mediums too, she might also be respecting the privacy of her loved ones.

The truth about her life partner or any other love interest lies with her herself and as she is a very attractive person, she has the ability to impress anyone she likes.

Mai Mihara Net Worth And Bio Explored

The net worth of Mai Mihara is currently under the estimation of around $500,000 – $ 800,000 as of 2021 according to her internet bio.

She has been earning quite handsomely since she began her professional career as a figure skater and it has been beneficial for her in several ways.

Likewise, she is also a multi-time figure skating champion as she has been able to win medals participating in the national as well as international tournaments too.

Moreover, Wikipedia bio has been quite informative about her professional association as of now as we cannot find her having a Twitter account.