What Happened To Tom Guiry Face, Did The Actor Get Stroke?

There was a rumor that Tom Guiry suffered from Bell’s Palsy or stroke, but it was just a hoax. There was no evidence of any such incidents involving the actor.

The rumor surfaced when Guiry’s mugshot image was made public. On the mugshot photograph, the actor’s face appeared odd, his facial structure appeared destroyed, and even his face muscles appeared loose and uneven.

The destroyed facial feature of the actor made many people concerned about the actor’s health. People speculated that he had Bell’s Palsy or a stroke, which led to the facial disorder.

In 2013, the actor got arrested at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, for kicking and head butting a cop trying to detain Tom from the airport.

The actor got overdrunk, so the airport security team restricted him in the flight.

What’s Wrong With Tom Guiry Face And Mouth- Did He Get A Surgery?

There is no information about the face and mouth surgery of Tom Guiry. The actor has not opened up on this matter.

The rumor started after his mugshot photo as his face looked cramped. But, now his face looks normal, so people speculated about the mouth surgery.

Tom Guiry tied the knot with Janelle Bloodsworth in 2009, and the duo has three children. They are living a happy life together.

The net worth of the actor is estimated to be $100,000.