What Happened To The Moon On April 4th? Did A Rocket Hit The Moon Again After March Incident?

The moon on April 4th, 2022 had a 13.9% waxing crescent with just 14% luminescent or reflecting side visible from Earth’s surface. Find more about the rocket theories and collision reports.

The new crash report on the moon has been searched throughout the internet but this doesn’t seem to be the exact case scenario.

A crescent moon in waxing phase was seen visible from Earth on the lunar surface on April 4, 2022.

The latest rocket explosion or crashing report has not been shared by big space programs.

However, 54 years ago on April 4, 1968, Apollo 6 program landed and it was the first unmanned Apollo test to do so.

What Happened To The Moon On April 4th, 2022?

Moon had its crescent waxing phase of 14% luminescence on April 4, 2022, and it was just a regular iterative phase for the lunar surface to do so.

On March 4, 2022 a rocket or just a part of it was told to be destined to hit the backside of the lunar surface after dysfunctioning as per big Space authorities.

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At first, this predetermined rocket part, the upper portion of the shuttle was deemed to be striking the moon and its surface on March 4, 2022, but none one of the authorities took responsibility for the real identity of this manmade object.

SpaceX ruled it out from their list and it was told by a Chinese rocket although the Chinese Space program didn’t address the issue as well.

Did A Rocket Hit The Moon Again?

A Bill Gray projection map showed the possible impact site for the debris of the rocket that was destined to strike the moon’s surface.

As per the released map, it covered a circled zone of Vavilov, Chaucer, Lucretius, and Hertzsprung.

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Another rocket or its debris has not recently hit the lunar surface and no such authentic or validated reports have been released by the Space programs or governing bodies.

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As per the analysis of the striking rocket debris, it has been reported to be traveling towards the Hertzsprung Crater at 9300 km/hr and it will impact one of the circled zones in Bill Gray’s map.

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The impact will result in the formation of a new unintentional crater on the darker side of the moon, unbeknownst to a human eye.

The so-formed crater will be 20 meters apart as per the projection mappings.