What Happened To Shaundra Cartwright – Why Was She Arrested? Sumner County Teacher Arrest Details

A White House Middle School teacher’s aide Shaundra F. Cartwright was arrested today for nonforcible sexual activity.

Cartwright was the teacher assistant at a well-reputed White House Middle School in Sumner County School District. It is the Middle school in Tennessee in 2020 Hwy 31 W, White House, TN 37188, the United States, where she interacts with the student and is involved in inappropriate activities.

Who Is Shaundra Cartwright?

Cartwright was in an inappropriate relationship with a male student while operating at White House Middle School. She had a connection with 15 years man at the beginning of the relationship. Millersville Police reported the sexual acts between the two started several years ago when Cartwright began speaking with the student on Snapchat.

Social media has influenced them to the improper connection. The boy is 17 years old, and his family informed the MPD detectives about the case. They first examine the incident for the concerned family member.

After investigation, people found that they had inappropriate sexual acts. Officer reported that the student and Cartwright had approximately 15 times before knowing about the case.

In August 2022, Detectives with MPD submitted the case to the Sumner County Grand Jury. Police said that filled charges were returned against Cartwright for her inappropriate activities with a minor by a management figure and continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Cartwright was arrested and taken under custody Tuesday, August 9, at the Sumner County Jail. Anyone with information concerning this issue is urged to contact the Millersville Police Detective Division.

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Sumner County Teacher Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of Student

Cartwright, a White House Middle School teacher’s aide, was arrested Tuesday after being blamed for engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor. The concerned family member of the 17-year-old boy contacted the Millersville Police Department on June 8, 2022, regarding the sexual abuse of their son.

During the case examination, detectives found the relationship was for around two years, and the juvenile and the older woman started their relationship via a social app. Before the juvenile boy’s household discovered the inappropriate sexual acts, they had done it several times.

The minor and the old lady had gone to every level in the two years. After presenting the case to the Jury, they returned sealed charges against the teacher aide who was involved in the nonforcible sexual activity by an authority figure and continuous sexual abuse of a child.

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How Much Is 42 Old Shaundra Cartwright’s Salary?

Cartwright is currently 42 years old. She used to work as a teacher aid in the White House School, and her earning source was from there. According to money. usnews, teacher Assistants obtained an average salary of $30,630 in 2020.

Nonetheless, Sumner County Schools told NewsChannel 5 that Cartwright was suspended without salary, pending the illegal charges against her. Cartwright was not a professor but a person who helped a teacher in a school classroom.

As an unqualified teacher, she started linking with a teenager and began the bond through a social platform. She used the boy for her sexual desire, and the Jury charged the old lady with a criminal offense.

On Tuesday, Millersville Detectives arrested Cartwright, and she was booked into the Sumner County Jail and levied for her illegal sexual activities.