What Happened To Sergei Puskepalis? How Did Sergei Puskepalis Die?

Sergei Vytautovich Puskepalis, a Russian actor and theatre director has died aged 56.

What happened to Sergei Puskepalis? How did Sergei Puskepalis die? According to Russian news agency Baza, Sergei died in a car crash.

The Russian news agency wrote;

Sergei was a popular actor best known for his roles in the award-winning movies Simple Things (2006) and How I Ended This Summer (2010). Both movies were directed by Alexei Popogrebski.

Sergei studied in Saratov, the Saratov Drama School, then went on active duty in the Soviet Navy, worked as an actor in the Saratov Youth Theatre, studied at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, he graduated in 2001.

He had his first movie role two years after graduating, making a cameo in the film The Stroll.

Sergei is survived by his wife Elena and a son Gleb.