What Happened To Lisa Dutton On Global News This Morning? Leaving After Toothbrush Act

Lisa Dutton, Global Saskatoon Morning News anchor in 2013, while delivering the news, unintentionally did something hysterical.

She attempted to share some helpful advice with new mothers for their teething babies. Lisa is a mother herself. 

She had explained how her young son chews on a vibrating toothbrush to calm his aching gums. 

Dutton made a gesture of putting a toothbrush in her mouth and started to move it up and down. While showing the motion, she said, “Oh yeah, that feels good.”

Lisa had accidentally performed a sexual act and was not aware of it. 

She went on and said, “When my son was teething, he used to like taking the big, fat rubber end of my vibrating toothbrush and putting it in his mouth.”

Kevin Stanfield, her co-anchor, immediately saw the funny side and started to giggle alongside her.

Lisa Dutton Husband Or Boyfriend: Is She Married? 

Lisa Dutton is a married woman, and she is the spouse of Colin Dutton. The couple and their two children live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their names are Jesse and Johnny. 

Johnny is 8 years old and is currently studying in Grade 3. He was born on October 3rd, 2013. Their oldest son, Jesse, is in grade 8. 


She and Colin got married 15 years ago in 2006. Colin and Lisa celebrate their wedding anniversary on June 14th. 

Lisa is also a mother to Tate, who is a rescue dog. She loves her affectionately and is close to her. 

Lisa Dutton Salary And Net Worth Explored

As of now, the salary and net worth details of Lisa Dutton have not appeared on the web. Lisa makes her living through her current job as a news reporter in Global News.

According to glassdoor.com, the average compensation of a news anchor at Global News is around 115,000 Canadian dollars per year.

She has been working there for more than a decade.

Since Lisa has made a healthy reputation and has gained a lot of experience, the Global News pays her well.  

Lisa Dutton Wikipedia Bio 

Lisa Dutton is not on the official website of Wikipedia. Hopefully, her dedication and hard work will surely award her a profile on Wikipedia in the days to come.

In 2003, Lisa graduated from Mount Royal University in Calgary with a diploma in broadcast journalism. After completing her diploma, she immediately started delivering the news in her hometown of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

She has covered news from controversial court cases to mass northern forest fires. 

She was promoted to late-night anchor at CTV Regina in such a short time. She joined the Global News family in 2005 and had spent the previous 16 years with the same television firm.

She was instrumental in the establishment of Global Saskatoon’s first-morning show.