What Happened To James Bhemgee From SA Got Talent? Twitter Leads Tribute For The Fallen Star

James Bhemgee, the winner of SA Got Talent season 2 in 2010, has passed away. People pay tribute to him through social media posts.

It may be an unknown fact to many, but James Bhemgee was once proposed to have a movie about his life, but he had refused because he wanted to achieve something greater so that there would be a more inspiring story to tell. However, that day never came, and sadly he passed away from a heart attack.

What Happened To James Bhemgee From SA Got Talent?

James Bhemgee from SA got talent has passed away. Some social media users said he suddenly had a heart attack and died.

Bhemgee was a singer whose music will always remain in people’s hearts. The former street sweeper was randomly discovered by Angelique Fuhr on the streets when he was singing while sweeping the streets one day.

That was the beginning of his singing training, and when he was 45 years old, he caught public attention. The woman called her daughter, a concert pianist, and invited Bhemgee to her home to sing.

Fuhr paid for his initial singing lessons because she was confident in his abilities, but after three months, his teacher gave up because she thought he needed a coach more suited to his abilities. Finally, Fuhr persuaded the advertising firm, Young and Rubicam, to support his continued study.

She directed him to the Nico Malan theater (now the Cape Town Artscape Theatre Centre), where he studied voice with American baritone Wayne Long. Bhemgee left the theater after 2.5 years of training to pursue a performance diploma at the University of Cape Town. However, he left the country before finishing his university studies.

In 1994, he appeared on Breakfast News (now BBC Breakfast) in the United Kingdom. His talent was recognized in many places, and he had the opportunity to study in Germany, where he spent four years.

In 2010, he participated in SA Got Talent and even won the title that made him more famous. He was even rewarded with R250 000 prize money.

James Bhemgee Death From Heart Attack

James Bhemgee’s death news circulates on the internet. People said that he had a heart attack which was the cause of his death.

The life before SA Got Talent had already shadowed his singing career because for 13 years of his life before he participated in the show, he was unemployed.

Although he had got some training and had completed his studies, he remained jobless. But, the show budded a new hope into his life as he earned both name and fame after winning the title.

Many people are saddened to hear his death news. They are paying condolences to his family and friends on social media.

What Was James Bhemgee Age?-Who Is His Partner?

James Bhemgee was probably over the age of 50. Unfortunately, his date of birth is not mentioned anywhere on the web.

In 2010, during an interview, he shared that he lives in Rocklands, Cape Town, and has six children. However, none of his children grew up under his watch because, in their township, the usual tradition is that the mother watches over the children.

But he did not share the name of his partner.