What Happened To Devin Swain? Rapper Lil Devin Shot To Death, Anderson Shooting Update

Devin Swain was shot and killed at his home during New Year Eve party. Anderson police are still investigating the incident. 

Devin Swain, also called Lil Devin, is a rapper from Anderson who had 3.01k subscribers on Youtube. He was a rising music artist in the industry.

His fans are devastated to hear the news. Some even said that he was one of the rappers who inspired them.

What Happened To Devin Swain?

Devin Swain was murdered at his home on New Year Eve. According to FOX59, Officers were first alerted to a residence in the 1700 block of Lockerbie Court for a possible home burglary. But, Swain was found with “injuries to his chest” when they arrived.

They provided him first aid and later took him to the hospital for further treatment. However, he could not survive the injuries and died.

His family told the police that several men barged into his house and attacked him. His brother Donald COz said he would not wish anyone to experience something traumatic like this.

He described the rapper as a phenomenal person and someone who believed in him. He had mentored 14 years old rappers like Rashawn Samuels. Samuels told him as a caring, loving, and respectful person.

Thus, both Swain and Samuels family is waiting for justice to be served.

Rapper Lil Devin Shot To Death On New Year Eve

Rapper Lil Devin was shot to death on New Year Eve at his home in Anderson. However, investigators have not released any information about the possible home invasion alert they initially received.

When they reached the scene, the artist was already injured through gunshots. Although the police tried to save him by CPR and providing first aid, he could not survive the wounds after reaching the hospital.

Thus, investigators are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding Swain’s death. In addition, an autopsy will be performed by the Madison County Coroner’s Office to identify the cause of death, writes WTHR.

Anderson Shooting Killed Devin Swain Aka Lil Devin

Devin Swain, aka Lil Devin, was killed in a shooting at his Anderson home. He was a prominent artist who was rising to fame slowly.

Many youngsters loved his music as the lyrics depicted what young adults go through in their lives. He passed away at the young age of 24. The world is mourning his death at present.

We want to send our prayers to his family and friends.