What Ethnicity, Nationality And Political Background Is Robert E. Crimo III? July 4 Parade Shooting And Motive Explained

Robert E. Crimo III, aka Bobby, is a person of interest as police reported he has a connection to Highland Park Shooting, which happened on Monday. His current age is 22, reported Hindustan Times.

At least six people were killed and more than 20 are injured at a July 4th Parade following the deadly mass shooting, reported by USA Today. The police investigated for frantic hours and discovered the shooter is none other than Bobby, AKA Robert E. Crimo III.

Tabloids confirmed Robert is widely known as an aspiring rapper. He uploads videos portraying disturbing acts of violence. “The suspect was behind the bar now, but it is not over yet,” Highland Park police Chief Lou Jogmen said. The Chicago cops capturing the suspect within a short time is commendable.

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What Is Robert E. Crimo III AKA Bobby Nationality And Ethnicity?

Robert E Crimo III, also known as Bobby, is a Chicago native. Hence, his nationality is American. Likewise, his ethnicity is probably white.

The people burst out with anger after the shooting suspect was caught. One user tweeted, “If Robert was black, he would have been shot to death. SholaMos1 wrote, “Black men fear for their lives because white police want to kill them.” Sarcastically, the user slammed the police as racist.

Who is Robert E. Crimo III? Robert is a Chicago-based rapper. He released his first song “Awake The Rapper” in 2016.

It seems like Robert loves tattoos. He has a few tattoos on his face and neck.

Further, Robert’s dad, Bob Crimo, runs a restaurant Bob’s Pantry & Deli at a nearby place.

Suspect Robert E. Crimo III Was Under Arrest In Connection To July 4th Parade Shooting

Robert E Crimo III, aged 22, got arrested in the recent Highland Park mass shooting, where at least six people died and 20 people are injured.

At July 4th parade on Monday, Crimo fired from a rooftop into the crowd at around 10 a.m. Police found a rifle at the scene while investigating.

As per CNN, Robert is a YouTuber. He often shared disturbing violent videos on social media. The perfectly matching suspect name and the description shared by the police are available online under the stage name “Awake the Rapper.” He has posted videos on YouTube and other platforms depicting violent images, including a man with a rifle shooting people.

Whatsoever, a North Chicago police officer spotted as described Crimo and briefly chased him in nearby Lake Forest. Eventually, police caught him, and he is now in prison.

What Is Robert E Crimo III Motive For the Mass Shooting? His Political Background, If Any

The motive behind the deadly shooting is yet not disclosed in the media. Robert E Crimo is also believed to be a son of a mayoral candidate who lost in the 2019 election, according to some reports.

According to the source, Robert released a song titled “In my Honda,” which is somehow linked to the fact that he was captured driving a Silver Honda.

Some reports stated that Crimo is rumored to be a son of a former mayoral candidate, who lost the 2019 election.