What Does “God Stood Me Up” TikTok Song Mean? Lyrics And Meaning Explained- ‘Lights Are On’ Original Video

A New Song by Tom Rosenthal “Lights are on” has gone viral in TikTok. What does it mean when it says God stood me up?

Tom Rosenthal is an English singer-songwriter and composer born on the 26th of August 1986.

A 35-years old singer was born in London, the United Kingdom who plays instruments such as Vocals, piano, ukelele.

He has released 5 albums to date and has had over 350 million streams on Spotify.

Likewise, his music videos have over 100 million views on Youtube.

Universal Music Publishing Group is publishing his songs recently.

His song “Lights are on” which was released on September 9, 2018, is getting viral currently after it was posted by Youtube Channel TikTok Song on November 4, 2021.

He studied anthropology at Durham University.

God Stood Me Up TikTok Song Lyrics And Meaning Explained

The most heartfelt song by Tom Rosenthal called “Lights are on” is tugging at everyone’s heartstrings on TikTok on which users are making the most emotional content these days with this song.

The singer is known for making short and extremely crafted pop songs who has created this melody song and the style of singing has enhanced the meaning of the song.

The song says “less is more” which means even though there are not many words in the lyrics. the words are impactful.

“Lights Are On” Original Song

The song was originally sung by the singer Tom Rosenthal who is an English singer and songwriter.

He is currently residing in London with his Bella Pace and his two daughters Bess and Fenn.

In 2020 his 4-years daughter Fenn composed a song entitled “Dinosaurs in Love” which went viral and became an internet sensation later on the 27th of March 2020, his daughters released an EP called “They’re awake”.

God Stood Me Up is trending on TikTok

The song is trending on TikTok on which users are making videos.

Users are making creative content on the song and most of the users have been creating emotional content with the song.

The singer is active on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter on @tomrosenthal1 and @tomrosenthal respectively.

He has gained 83.5k followers on Instagram whereas 33.9k followers on the platform.