What Does Basbousa Mean In Arabic? Basbousa Song TikTok Meaning And Lyrics Explained

The Song Basbousa is currently trending on TikTok and other social media platforms. Let us find the actual meaning behind the song lyrics.

TikTok has become one of the common platforms to make a song viral on the Internet. Currently, through TikTok, an Arabic song called Basbousa is trending with millions of views and counting.

The song has an aesthetic melody with a catchy tempo. As the song is in the Arabic language, not many people can understand the actual meaning behind the lyrics.

TikTok: What Does Basbousa Mean?

The titled song Basbousa has gained a lot of attention in a short period. The word ‘Basbousa’ is a known term in the Middle east referring to very sweet semolina – sort of- cake.

Along with the song, the recipe of the desert has also gained hype over the Internet. The Tutorials of making Basbousa is also trending on YouTube and TikTok.

Furthermore, it has been revealed to be a remake of an old song initially made in Lebanon. But people are still confused about how it became viral.

TikTok users around the world are currently making different lip-sync or dance videos on the trending song. The beats on the song have been proven very useful to belly dancers.

Whether you are an Arabic person familiar with the language used or a foreigner hearing Arabic for the first time, the song seems to have taken over everyone’s playlist.

Basbousa Song TikTok Lyrics & Meaning

After the lyrics from the Basbousa TikTok song got translated, it came to the spotlight that the song reflects the love story of two cats. Moreover, the Basbousa song is also called the Arabic cat love song.

The story of the song is about two cats, one male and another female. The male cat has hopelessly fallen in love with the female cat. He also calls her Basbousa ( a sweet dessert).

With the main objective of being together with his crush, the male cat follows her from one house to another. And the song ends with him asking her for a kiss. After the lyrics got translated, people seemed to have trouble containing their emotions.

In addition, as the Basbousa Song became a hit, the lyrical videos on YouTube are rising as well. The original Basbousa song was written and released by the Gizira Band in 2016. Also, the original Babousa song is 5 minutes in length.